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  1. Skewered fish among 56 attractions of SculptureWalk 2017
    “Fishkabobs,” a creation of sculptor Robert Bruce of Sioux Falls, is quirky and fun. It’s one of 56 sculptures on display in the downtown area this summer as part of the 2017 SculptureWalk Sioux Falls program.
  2. Planned emergency communications network advancing
    The development of a robust, wireless broadband network for America’s first responders is expected to reach a significant milestone in June. The First Responder Network Authority, or FirstNet, is developing the first high-speed, nationwide, broadband network dedicated to public safety.
  3. Thune DSU event melds professional, parental experiences for SDN CEO
    Every parent experiences moments where pride and fear can collide. I felt one of those potentially explosive moments at Sen. John Thune’s packed event at Dakota State University last week. When the senator opened for student questions, I looked back and saw my son, Michael, at the microphone.
  4. Avera Navigation Center for cancer patients has great first year
    Jamie Arens and her staff take pride in the first-year achievements of the Avera Cancer Institute Navigation Center. During its first year of operation, the center addressed 511 barriers to health care.
  5. Get the latest business stories from the most credible source
    Jodi Schwan uncovers the biggest business news in Sioux Falls. She covers it prolifically, from bar openings to multi-million dollar deals, and she delivers the news first, accurately and without sensation.
  6. SDN expands its fruitful internship program to high school level
    During the past several years, SDN Communications has really built up its internship program for college students. Sioux Falls-based SDN’s internship program is more than a good corporate deed. It helps the company attract and groom good future employees.
  7. Business Resource Network helps companies, employees put people first
    The most difficult barriers that confront people with disabilities are attitudinal, Vicki Kerkvliet says. Some people with disabilities are wrongly considered second-class citizens rather than recognized for their abilities.
  8. SDN’s high-security Data Center impresses local officials
    The 25,000-square-foot, bunker-like Data Center just northwest of Sioux Falls provides secure space for servers and other equipment so that SDN and some of its clients can back up their valuable electronic information.
  9. SDN employees consistently come through for the community
    Seventy third-graders at Hawthorne Elementary School in Sioux Falls were at risk of missing out on a field trip to the Washington Pavilion last spring. Many couldn’t come up with the $2.50 they each needed for the outing.
  10. Cyber camp empowers young girls to experiment in tech, pursue their passion
    I don’t know whether my Emma will grow up to be a Protector of the Internet. It’s too soon to tell, and she has years of career exploration ahead. But I do know the GenCyber experience, offering an empowering environment to learn about coding, hacking, robots, and more, will give her the confidence to pursue a passion.
  11. 56 sculptures on public display in downtown Sioux Falls
    The 2016 edition of SculptureWalk in downtown Sioux Falls features attractions ranging from the whimsical (a flying pig, for example) to the serious and inspirational (such as a kneeling woman with her hands on her head).
  12. Cybersecurity camp opens important career path for girls
    Girls from 14 states will attend the camp, which has an impressive lineup of speakers. It includes two special agents from the FBI, the director of security operations for Facebook and a security engineer from Google.
  13. More help is available for cancer patients in Sioux Falls region
    Avera has employed disease-specific navigators for several years. The new Navigation Center is designed to provide information and support to cancer patients, their family members and other people throughout Avera’s regional service area.
  14. Forward SF helps community keep foot on gas, Shlanta says
    Business and civic leaders are more than a third of the way to raising $15.5 million. That's the goal for the next phase of the highly successful Forward Sioux Falls program.
  15. SDN Communications, Avera Health tackle housing issue
    One of the newest employees hired by Kennebec Telephone Co. Inc. has to drive 40 miles to work, one way, because he couldn’t find a closer home for his family. Kennebec and neighboring communities in central South Dakota don’t have much open housing to offer new residents.
  16. School TV channels and service venture help Santel stand out
    It’s not unusual for Tony Kinneberg and his student crew to hear from TV viewers in other states or even other countries when they’re broadcasting a Parkston High School sporting event. Remote viewers are especially likely to tap into an online service to view local cable coverage when the school district’s TV channel is carrying a significant basketball game, says Kinneberg, who is the school technology coordinator and a teacher at Parkston.
  17. Community service is big deal at small, future-minded co-op
    Community service is encouraged by example rather than by mandate at Midstate Communications in Kimball, S.D.
  18. DSU camp helps stir girls’ interest in field of cybersecurity
    Interest is running high in a cybersecurity camp designed for girls that will be held at Dakota State University.
  19. SDN edges SONIFI, but United Way is the real winner in contest
    SDN Communications won bragging rights and lunch for more than 100 of staff members by signing up more Heart Club members for the Sioux Empire United Way than SONIFI Solutions.