Privacy Policy


SDN is committed to assuring strong and meaningful customer privacy protection in an era of rapidly changing communications technology and applications. Our goal is simple: balance our customers' concerns about privacy with their interest in receiving quality service and useful new products. SDN is committed to informing customers, and giving customers choices, about how we use information about them. Above all, this policy is designed to ensure that SDN will respect a customer's desire for privacy. If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us at or (800) 247-1442.

Or by mail:

SDN Communications
ATTN: Privacy Compliance Officer
2900 W 10th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Who does this policy apply to?

This Policy applies to the collection and use of individual information -- both customer, and potential customer information. Collected data that does not reveal a specific identity is not individual customer information. For example, "aggregated information," such as the number of customers to access a website on a particular day, does not raise privacy concerns and is not covered by this policy.

What individual information do we collect?

We use cookies throughout our websites that help us measure traffic and improve the user experience by understanding how visitors use our sites. This information may identify you or relate to other identifiable information you have provided to us.

When submitting information through our website we may ask you to provide: first name, last name, email address, company, phone number, address, city, state and zip code.

When you submit information through one of our forms, the data is processed automatically and stored in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. As a result, past browsing history may be available to us; this helps us process your request and provide you with relevant content.

If you request information or consent to receive emails, we measure the success of subsequent email campaigns by collecting information on when emails are opened and what links are clicked. When you click on a link, it may cause you to be personally identified and some portion of your browsing history may be revealed to SDN.

When subscribing to a service, SDN Customers may also provide additional company, billing and/or contact information necessary to receive service from SDN.

How do we use individual information?

SDN obtains and uses individual information for business purposes only. We obtain information about our customers and potential customers which helps to provide them with SDN services. This information may also be used to protect customers, potential customers, employees and property against fraud, theft or abuse, to conduct industry or consumer surveys, to maintain good customer relations, and to inform customers and prospective customers about events, products, services or other items that may be of interest. In some cases, this may also include personalizing website content, receiving digital advertising, direct mail, email or phone calls.

Your rights under the policy.

We use individual customer and potential customer information internally for our own general marketing and planning purposes, so we can, for example, develop, test and market new products and services that meet the needs of our customers. Under certain circumstances, we are required by law to disclose the aggregated information to other companies, but in such cases, customer identities are not included.

However, customers and potential customers have many opportunities to control how we use their individual information to introduce them to new products and services. For example, SDN will not call those who have expressed a preference not to be called for marketing purposes. Individuals may unsubscribe at any time from some or all of our marketing communications. For example, a customer could have their names removed from direct mail and email lists that we use while still requesting we contact them by phone.

If you are a designated representative of a company, you may also choose to opt-out of the company from targeted marketing campaigns based on Customer Proprietary Network Information or “CPNI”. Generally, CPNI includes personal information regarding a consumer’s use of telecommunications services that we have based solely on the carrier-customer relationship. If you choose to opt-out, you may still receive non-targeted, general marketing communication as well as service-related communications. Individuals within the company may also continue to receive communications based on their individual preferences.

Click here to download the CPNI opt-out request form.

Finally, when using our website, if you do not want browser cookies used, you may leave the site, delete your browsing history, or use a private browsing mode such as Incognito in Google Chrome, InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge, or Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Disclosure of Individual Customer Information

SDN enables customers to control how and if SDN discloses individual information about them to other persons or entities, except as required by law or to protect the safety of customers, employees or property. For example, if SDN is served with the valid legal process for customer identification, we may be required to release this information. In addition, under certain circumstances, we share customer information with other carriers and with law enforcement to prevent and investigate fraud and other unlawful use of communications services.

Subject to legal and safety exceptions, SDN will share individual customer information only with persons or entities outside the company when it is required to provide the product or service, when the customer has consented, or when we have advised the customer of the opportunity to "opt-out" (to choose not to have the information disclosed). We are required to provide directory publishers with listings information - name, address and phone number - for purposes of publishing and delivering directories. Persons can ask to not be published in directories and/or Directory Assistance. However, if SDN enters into a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, a customer's personally identifiable information will, in most instances, be transferred as a part of the transaction. In addition, we may, where permitted by law, provide information to credit bureaus, or provide information and/or sell receivables to collection agencies to obtain payment for SDN billed products and services.

Information Management and Security

All SDN employees are responsible for safeguarding individual customer communications and information. SDN requires SDN personnel to be aware of and protect the privacy of all forms of customer communications - whether they are voice, data or image transmissions, as well as individual customer records. SDN makes clear that employees who fail to follow this Privacy and Customer Security Policy will face disciplinary action, which can include dismissal. All employees are trained regarding their responsibilities to safeguard customer privacy.

SDN strives to ensure that information we have about our customers is accurate, secure and confidential, and to ensure that our employees comply with our privacy policy. We never tamper with, intrude upon or disclose the existence or contents of any communication or transmission, except as required by law or the proper management of our network. Access to databases containing customer information is limited to employees who need it to perform their jobs and they follow strict guidelines when handling that information. We use safeguards to increase data accuracy and to identify and authenticate the sources of customer information. We use locks and physical security measures, sign-on and password control procedures, internal auditing techniques and other types of security as appropriate for the information stored to protect against unauthorized use of terminals and entry into our data systems.

SDN requires that records be safeguarded from loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure, and accidental destruction. In addition, sensitive, confidential, or proprietary records must be protected and maintained in a secure environment. It is our policy to destroy records containing sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information in a secure manner. Hard copy confidential, proprietary, or sensitive documents must be made unreadable before disposition or recycling, and electronic media must be destroyed using methods that prevent access to information stored in that type of media. Just as employees would report stolen property, employees must report missing records and suspicious incidents involving records.

We encourage our employees to be proactive in implementing and enforcing the SDN Privacy and Customer Security Policy. If employees become aware of practices that raise privacy concerns, they are encouraged to report them to their supervisors.

Compliance with Laws and Public Policy Participation

SDN complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. Customer and policymaker perceptions of privacy have changed over time and will continue to do so. Changes in technology can also alter what is appropriate in protecting privacy. Laws may change accordingly. We will regularly examine and update, if necessary, the SDN Privacy and Customer Security Policy.

Updated 5/31/18