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  1. Infographic: Future of Business Technology
    The rapid business changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought adaptations and innovation. Take a look at the potential impact that could have on industries and how they do business in our infographic.
  2. Review the past to grasp the future of connected devices
    The International Data Corporation, a global provider of IT information and other market services, has estimated that by 2025, the average person will interact with connected devices nearly 4,800 times a day. That’s about one interaction every 18 seconds.
  3. The year of the pandemic internship - How SDN made it work
    “We had a number of our interns hired by the time the pandemic hit, and we felt an obligation to them, especially since some of them need internship credits to graduate,”
  4. Virtual Private Networks play key role in securing networks
    VPNs, as they’re known, are not a new networking tool. But rising security concerns and the work-from-home movement prompted by the pandemic have significantly popularized their use.
  5. Healthcare industry has a big job and a big target on its back
    Ransomware is often the weapon of choice when healthcare facilities are attacked. Pennsylvania-based Universal Health Services appears to be one of the most recent victims of an attack on a healthcare institution.
  6. New grants will improve connectivity in the Black Hills and across S.D.
    The coming expansion of broadband connectivity in the northern Black Hills has businessman Matt Keck feeling joyful. “It’s like Christmas Day,” said Keck.
  7. USDA Awards $6 Million Grant to SDN for High-Speed Broadband in Rural SD
    ReConnect Funding to Connect 487 Rural Households to High-Speed Internet e-Connectivity
  8. Infographic: VPN
    A VPN is designed to allow you to maintain privacy when using a public network such as the internet. Download our infographic to educate employees in your business.
  9. Good, ongoing training is key step to keeping devices secure
    Potential vulnerabilities in the still-emerging new normal is a natural topic for the second week of October, which is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. “Securing Devices at Home and Work” is this week’s official theme.
  10. Cybersecurity is important for home work stations, too
    It’s a good time for a cybersecurity checkup for home-based workers and their employers. Jake VanDewater provided a good review list Sept. 30 during the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce's third annual Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference.
  11. Merging of online and offline worlds creates cyber challenges
    Protective strategies should be in place at every step, from the moment before a connected device is turned on. Just remember the slogan, “If You Connect It, Protect it.”
  12. Infographic: Weaponization of Social Media
    Cyber thieves are using social media platforms to collect data about people and use it against businesses to steal data and other valuable information. Download our infographic to educate employees in your business.
  13. Beware of the ‘weaponization’ of social media sites
    Compelling statistics help explain some of the growing internet threats facing consumers, businesses and institutions. And a Dakota State University instructor shares 10 ways to keep unwanted hackers out of business networks at the 2020 Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference.
  14. ‘Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.’- A vital theme for special month
    It’s not an exaggeration to say that the integrity of the nation’s networking infrastructure plays a huge role in the well-being of the U.S. economy and safety. The integrity of democracy itself, depends, heavily on secure forms of electronic communication.
  15. Social media is riskier than most businesses realize
    Social media can be a fun and valuable communications tool for successful businesses. However, people need to be cautious about using networking websites and trusting some information published online.
  16. Evolving cyber threats require updated strategies
    “The threats are out there. The threats are real." Hackers have embraced the opportunity to pursue new targets and they’ve taken action faster than businesses have updated protective strategies. Check out our latest cybersecurity report.
  17. Good connectivity helps people get behavioral care they need
    The spread of COVID-19 has created significant challenges in delivering medical services. Fortunately, the expanding availability of broadband connectivity is helping people get the behavioral care they need to cope with the stresses of life.
  18. Rural S.D. telecoms are unique - especially one in Kennebec
    Business divisions that operate as part of Kennebec Telephone Co. Inc. can do everything from tuning up a car to digging a grave for a horse.
  19. In SD-MN recruitment rivalry, S.D. gaining ‘traction’
    Gov. Kristi Noem has revived a cross-border rivalry to recruit businesses from Minnesota, and one entrepreneurial coach doing business in both the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls believes South Dakota has the advantage.
  20. Telehealth effectively helps fight virus, but legal work remains
    When COVID-19 started hitting Avera Health’s regional market area, the Sioux Falls-based system set up a hotline to handle all the inquiries that began flooding in. Soon, virtual care was in high demand.