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Topic: WAN Connectivity

  1. Credit union delivers UPTIME to customers by leveraging SDN's network partnerships
    Highmark Credit Union employees view SDN Communications as one of their team members. “Anytime we reach out to make a change, a configuration or an upgrade, it’s on a first-name basis,” said Tony Pannone, Highmarks' Chief Information Officer.
  2. The best vendor is the one you don’t have to think about
    You don’t have to go far or wait any longer to find a network design that will meet tomorrow’s business needs. Luke Schwingler at Plains Commerce Bank is confident that’s exactly what they have today.
  3. Building the internet of tomorrow
    SDN Communications constantly evaluates its entire network and plans for the future. The pandemic hasn’t changed that – it was a proof of performance. The projects planned for 2021 will continue to position the company’s network to meet future needs and improve the network in four key areas.
  4. Midwestern Mechanical grows its business with help from SDN
    As the IT administrator for Midwestern Mechanical, Inc., Matt Allen needs a good, reliable partner to help keep communications technology at the growing company operating smoothly and securely.
  5. Updated portal gives businesses easy access to useful data
    Detailed information in SDN Communications' customer portal gives companies the ability to assess internet usage, analyze secure, data-transmitting techniques, schedule networking tasks, and more.
  6. SDN helps Rosenbauer grow its global fire truck business
    The impact of technology deployed and maintained by SDN Communications and an SDN member company, Alliance Communications, reaches far beyond their corporate bases in South Dakota.
  7. SD-WAN adds versatile networking service to SDN’s offerings
    SD-WAN service can simplify network administration, consolidate infrastructure, centralize control of resources, and provide flexible topology, which in computer-talk refers to the size and shape of a network.
  8. 10 Reasons to deploy MPLS technology
    Through the years, new data-transporting techniques have worked to minimize issues. Multiprotocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is among them. MPLS was created roughly two decades ago and has emerged as the prevailing solution, according to some telecommunications experts.
  9. MPLS, football and the importance of good technique
    In the past, I’ve compared the objectives of MPLS networks to that of basketball teams. But upon further review, comparing MPLS to football probably makes more sense.
  10. SD-WAN for Businesses - Who Needs It?
    The SD-WAN market is predicted to grow by 69 percent annually to become an $8 billion market by 2021. So which enterprises are most suitable?
  11. SD-WAN: What You Need to Know
    Traditional wide area networks (WANs) have been great with reliable delivery of packets, thanks to MPLS and Ethernet. But there are other ways to scale the network and do more with less hardware while meeting cloud computing needs and business requirements.
  12. SDN’s growing network quietly links clients regionally, globally
    Leading businesses in Sioux Falls and across South Dakota generally are familiar with SDN Communications. The Sioux Falls-based company, along with its affiliates and partners, provides reliable broadband connectivity and telecommunications services to businesses, organizations and government, especially to clients with multiple locations in the city, state or region.
  13. School bandwidth needs rise along with computer use
    The Sioux Falls School District will begin the third year of its Student Technology Initiative in September with more broadband power than ever. Education officials determined last school year that middle schools, in particular, needed more Internet connection speed, and they will get it.
  14. 10 ways businesses benefit from SDN Ethernet service
    Ethernet technology has grown through the years to become a highly popular, industry standard in electronic communications.
  15. Gary Fischer’s high level of expertise helps SDN clients
    Gary Fischer is in the prime of his high-tech career. But he remembers when 70-megabyte hard drives were about the size of a coffee table and hauling them around was a two-person job. Now, portable hard drives with thousands of times more storage capacity are about the size and weight of a cellphone.