Member Companies

Connecting The State Together
SDN Communications Member Territories covering South Dakota
The checkered areas show how member companies have grown, while orange is planned future growth.

SDN Communications' network of more than 50,000 miles of fiber includes networks from 17 companies in South Dakota.

SDN's owner companies (we call them Members) serve more than 80% of South Dakota's geography and hundreds of towns and cities across the state. .

In 1989, the independent telephone companies in South Dakota connected their networks to form SDN in Sioux Falls to centralize some services and increase efficiencies in their operations.

Today, those members serve their own residential and business markets with internet, phone, TV and other telecommunications services.

Combined, SDN and its member companies touch every corner of South Dakota and its fiber reaches across several states, including Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota.

Scroll down to see a full list of the member companies and click the link to reach out to each one for specific services.

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