Business Network Solutions

SDN’s network of more than 30,000 miles of fiber connects the area’s leading businesses. With a 91% customer satisfaction rating (a record high for the industry), SDN’s state-of-the-art telecommunications services also come with unparalleled customer service and support.

SDN is the biggest fiber-optic network in the region.
Find out more about how SDN powers intelligent networks across the Midwest.

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SDN Communications offered Ethernet communications technology to government institutions and businesses in South Dakota for about nine years, and demand for the service has been st...
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Call center jobs shouldn’t be treated like entry-level positions, says Denise Esper, an expert in helping companies use technology to improve customer service and business effici...
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Landline phones still an important safety tool during disasters
The tornado that hit Delmont on Mother’s Day and is a good reminder of why it’s important to keep a landline phone in your home and business....
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VoIP phone system provides versatility, reliability for Augustana College
When the time came for Augustana College to replace its phone system, leaders didn’t make a rash decision. A committee was formed to explore options....
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