Business Network Solutions

SDN Communications' network of more than 30,000 miles of fiber connects the area’s leading businesses. With a 91 percent customer satisfaction rating (a record high for the industry), SDN’s state-of-the-art telecommunications services also come with unparalleled customer service and support.

SDN is the biggest fiber-optic network in the region.
Find out more about how SDN powers intelligent networks across the Midwest.

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Melanie Sage brings vast and valuable experience to her new role as a wholesale account executive with SDN Communications. She has 13 years of prior experience with SDN in other po...
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Drone, automatic grill cleaner and other high-tech gifts
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Golden West celebrates 100 years and keeps looking ahead
Golden West has been a significant factor in the telecommunications business in South Dakota for a 100 eventful years, and the Wall-based company keeps preparing for the future....
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