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SDN Communications' network of more than 30,000 miles of fiber connects the area’s leading businesses. 
With a 91 percent customer satisfaction rating (a record high for the industry), SDN’s state-of-the-art telecommunications services also come with unparalleled customer service and support.

SDN is the biggest fiber-optic network in the region.
Find out how to harness the power of SDN's reliable network that stretches across the Midwest.

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Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become more sophisticated, which is forcing businesses in the region to deploy more advanced defensive strategies....
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20 years at SDN: What trends CEO Shlanta adopted, avoided
Twenty years atop any organization might age a lesser CEO. Not Mark Shlanta. His hair might be grayer, and he shaved off the mustache, but his steady hand and outlook has changed l...
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High-tech data centers are a welcome industry in Sioux Falls
Data centers are among the key industries in the Sioux Falls area with growth potential. And there are many advantages of doing business in the community....
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Cooperative project in Minnesota highlights SDN’s to-do list
SDN Communications' crews are digging away, steadily expanding and improving the company’s regional, fiber optic footprint....
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