Reliable Managed Router Service, Fixed Monthly Cost
router in an equipment rack

Transmit Data Securely And Protect Customer Information 24/7

SDN's Managed Router Service is an integral part of connecting businesses with multiple locations via the Internet. It's designed to allow sites to connect with each other and exchange critical business data.

Outsourcing router management will lighten your in-house management costs and lower risk, because you have experts monitoring this crucial resource. Most businesses don't have the in-house staff to configure and monitor these vital network components. Instead, SDN deploys, maintains and replaces the hardware devices and software needed when necessary to keep customer networks operating smoothly.

3 Questions to Ask When Considering Managed Services

Q: What does the standard managed router service include?

Equipment - SDN supplies the router, spares & replacements

Configuration management/backup & restoration

Network design & engineering by one of the most highly qualified engineers in the region

Lifecycle management

24x7x365 availability, monitoring & alerting

Q: What are the cost benefits of a managed service provider?

The initial cost for equipment on a large network deployment can be an issue. With SDN's Managed Router, you can budget for and distribute that expense over a longer-term contract instead of one large, unexpected cost/purchase.

Along with those costs, SDN will deliver SmartNet agreements, maintenance through the vendor and ensure that SDN has hardware replacements on the shelf to support your router services in the moment, saving your business time, money, and worry.

Q: How will outsourcing managed router services free up resources and staff time?

Your staff is strong on workstations, servers and software. Does it pay to invest in training them for a router's one-time setup, how to analyze network traffic or audit network security?

It doesn’t pay to shrink your team's bandwidth and focus to take on router operations, when SDN's network management experts can assist you to install (from remote locations), troubleshoot and even design your network. If we need to come on-site, we can do that, too.