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DDoS attacks can shut down your business. SDN can stop them.

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In today's digitally driven world, the threat of DDoS attacks looms large for businesses of all sizes. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cripple your online operations, causing significant financial losses and damaging your reputation. SDN Communications offers top-tier DDoS protection services tailored to safeguard your business.

Why get DDoS protection? It’s like insurance for your company’s network, data and operations.

“With more business-critical applications moving to the Internet, a DDoS attack can be very disruptive to a business,” SDN Senior Sales Engineer Gary Fischer said. “If you can't afford to be down when a DDoS attack happens, you should pay for the insurance. You may never use it, but if you do use it or need to, you're sure glad you had it.”

And the threat is only growing. Attacks increased 400% from Q1 to Q4 in 2023.

Here are four things to know about DDoS attacks and why SDN’s solutions will work for your business:

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is like a traffic jam on the internet. Instead of cars, it involves a flood of internet traffic directed at a website or online service. This traffic is generated by multiple sources at the same time and can include computers from users who don’t realize their device is being used for the attack.

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DDoS attacks can quickly overwhelm the target, making it difficult or impossible for the website to handle legitimate requests, effectively shutting it down for users. The goal is to disrupt the target's online operations, leading to service disruptions that result in lost business.

Who are the targets of a DDoS attack?

Any person, business, government agency or school can be a target of a DDoS attack. Fischer said SDN has stopped DDoS attacks against a school and a Sioux Falls consulting company, among others. The school attack likely happened because a student wanted to get out of a test, he said.

Fischer said anyone can order a DDoS attack against someone via websites on the dark web. Motivations for attacks include revenge, political differences or online “vandalism.”

SDN Communications sales engineer Gary Fischer

DDoS attacks can be costly for businesses

DDoS attacks continued to increase in late 2023. The average attack lasted 68 minutes, costing organizations $6,000 a minute – or $408,000 overall.

“I think the biggest thing is safeguarding their UPTIME, and attacks can lead to lost revenue and brand damage,” SDN Commercial Sales Manager Jon Clayborne said. “You can imagine you try to buy something from a website or some business and you're having a bad user experience that also leads to brand damage.”

Volumetric attacks are being replaced by multi-vector attacks, spreading destruction more widely by targeting individual IP addresses, email systems, databases or web browsers – which are much harder to detect.

How does SDN’s DDoS protection work?

SDN offers auto mitigation, which stops an attack automatically with no network technician intervention.

The “bad” traffic is rerouted from the intended destination while legitimate computer requests go through. Once the attack stops, all traffic is sent to the customer.

Since legitimate traffic is allowed through while the “bad” traffic is rerouted and discarded, the customer doesn’t know an attack is occurring and can continue with their Internet transactions unaffected.

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Why should businesses and organizations use SDN’s DDoS protection?

  • Time is critical during a DDoS attack. SDN’s proactive defense strategy involves continuous monitoring of network traffic patterns to disable potential threats before they impact a customer. SDN has network technicians in the office 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to help stop a DDoS attack. By staying ahead of potential attacks, SDN provides peace of mind, allowing customers to focus their business without worrying about cybersecurity threats.
  • SDN's DDoS protection services are designed to scale alongside your business. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, SDN’s solutions can adapt to evolving needs, providing robust protection against a wide range of DDoS attacks.
  • With decades of experience in cybersecurity and network infrastructure, SDN Communications is a trusted leader in DDoS protection. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses unparalleled expertise in mitigating DDoS attacks, leveraging advanced technologies and best practices to keep your business safe from harm.

How do businesses sign up for SDN DDoS protection?

If you are already an SDN customer, contact your sales representative via email or our online forms. The sales representative will learn more about your business or organization’s needs and develop a DDoS mitigation solution unique to your specific situation.

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