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  1. Scouting legacy at SDN lives on: Eagle project adds viewfinder at Sioux Falls overlook
    SDN Communications was one of the sponsors of an Eagle Scout project at Great Bear Recreation Park in memory of former CEO Mark Shlanta.
  2. How ConnectSD grants, SDN member companies link rural business owners
    Three South Dakota rural business owners struggled with reliable internet until ConnectSD grants and SDN Communications member companies expanded services.
  3. With nearly 100% buried fiber, SDN promises unprecedented UPTIME
    SDN Communications touts its vast underground fiber-optic cable network. That leads to more UPTIME. Here's why.
  4. Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference to offer solutions to protect businesses
    To help companies take a more proactive approach to their cybersecurity practices, SDN Communications is sponsoring the 2024 Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference, hosted by the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce on April 23.
  5. DDoS attacks can shut down your business. SDN can stop them.
    DDoS attacks can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. SDN Communications can keep your operations up and running.
  6. SDN engineer recommends Mitchell Tech’s hands-on education
    Tyler Larson wanted to get working as soon as he could out of high school. That's why he chose Mitchell Tech, where he received a degree with hands-on learning in just two years.
  7. 'Historic' South Dakota esports tournament crowns champions
    Esports athletes converged on Brookings on March 22 and 23 to compete for championships in the inaugural state tournament.
  8. SD esports state tournament: How to watch, format and more
    More than 120 esports athletes will compete at the South Dakota high school state tournament this weekend. Here's what you need to know about the event, how to attend and what to expect.
  9. As esports become sanctioned in South Dakota, supporters tout benefits
    Esports is set to be a sanctioned sport in South Dakota next fall. “Our job is to make sure that every kid has a place to belong and is doing an activity that matters to them."
  10. How South Dakota internet providers are stepping up to support esports
    High school esports programs are getting started across the state, and several of them are getting a boost from SDN Communications and its member companies.
  11. Love of technology leads DSU student to SDN Scholars Program and internship
    A student at Dakota State University recently received the SDN Communications Scholar award, which also includes an internship at the business internet provider's Sioux Falls location.
  12. Esports: What to know about South Dakota's newest prep sport
    About 20 South Dakota high schools are competing in esports this season, and the state tournament is in late March. Get to know the sport and learn more about how the pilot season is going.
  13. Introducing 'UPTIME: Beyond Connectivity' — elevate your experience with SDN
    SDN Communications doesn't just link devices; we foster connections, empower businesses and enrich lives. We are going beyond the ordinary to redefine what it means to stay connected: "UPTIME: Beyond Connectivity."
  14. Diverse fiber paths crucial to keep the UPTIME flowing
    Thanks to SDN Communications' advanced route planning, internet users likely wouldn't even notice a cut fiber line.
  15. How SDN Communications' employee benefits stand out from the pack
    At SDN Communications, generous benefits have always been a significant part of attracting and retaining employees. Take a closer look at what the company offers.
  16. SDN technician sees Mitchell Tech education as investment that’s hard to beat
    Mitchell Tech University helped SDN voice service technician forge his path in telecommunications and technology industries. Here's how:
  17. Here's how SDN's latest business internet ad is based on a true story
    Text at the beginning of each SDN commercial says “based on a true story.” And that’s not tongue in cheek. The ads feature real examples of how SDN has stepped up when one of its customers was in a bind. 
  18. SDN Communications high school internship paved way for tech talent in Sioux Falls
    A high school intern at SDN Communications has gone on to big things since he learned about telecommunications from SDN's team of experts.
  19. Five things about SDN: Legislators learn about telecommunications industry
    Long-distance telephone services were the entire revenue stream for SDN Communications when it was founded in 1989. Needless to say, things have changed since then. South Dakota legislators learned how it's changed and what's next during a luncheon hosted by SDN in December.
  20. From fiber expansion to employee profiles, 2023 blogs had a lot to offer
    From the people and communities that make our company shine to the technology that makes it all happen, here’s a look at the top 10 most-read SDN Communications blogs in 2023.