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  1. Addition of Hurricane Electric makes SDN's Data Center 'most connected' in region
    One of the biggest providers of the internet in the world has a presence in the SDN Data Center.
  2. Cybersecurity benefits of a hardened data center
    When it comes to cybersecurity, not all threats are virtual. Physical security remains just as important to keeping your company’s data safe and accessible to authorized persons in today’s digital environment. A hardened data center can add depth to your defense.
  3. Reaping what he sowed: Mark Shlanta’s name lives on at new Technology Park
    Mark knew little to nothing about farming, but when he spearheaded the company’s effort to buy a farmstead just northwest of Sioux Falls and transform it into a data center and future technology park, he got involved in every detail of the acreage.
  4. SDN names expanding data center site 'Mark Shlanta Technology Park'
    How does a business show appreciation to its visionary? In the case of SDN Communications, its data center site northwest of Sioux Falls will be named the Mark Shlanta Technology Park in honor of its late, long-serving CEO. SDN Board of Managers President Denny Law, who also leads SDN Member Company Golden West Telecommunications of Wall made the announcement Wednesday evening at an industry dinner.
  5. Fiber, fiber and more fiber in 2022
    SDN Communications' teams have plenty of projects on their plate for 2022. The fiber footprint is growing more than ever before and the SDN Data Center is doubling in size - all in an effort to support and deliver UPTIME to customers and member companies.
  6. Region’s most hardened building, SDN Data Center, doubling in size
    With 12-inch thick concrete walls able to withstand an F4 tornado (200+ mph winds), the SDN Communications Data Center northwest of Sioux Falls sometimes gets referred to as the “Bunker,” and now it’s going to double in size for potential future tenants.
  7. The best vendor is the one you don’t have to think about
    You don’t have to go far or wait any longer to find a network design that will meet tomorrow’s business needs. Luke Schwingler at Plains Commerce Bank is confident that’s exactly what they have today.
  8. Building the internet of tomorrow
    SDN Communications constantly evaluates its entire network and plans for the future. The pandemic hasn’t changed that – it was a proof of performance. The projects planned for 2021 will continue to position the company’s network to meet future needs and improve the network in four key areas.
  9. High-tech data centers are a welcome industry in Sioux Falls
    Data centers are among the key industries in the Sioux Falls area with growth potential. And there are many advantages of doing business in the community.
  10. TierPoint and SDN team up to provide data center services
    The subject might not come up often in everyday business conversations, but Sioux Falls is directly connected to one of the biggest and best data center networks in the United States.
  11. SDN’s high-security Data Center impresses local officials
    The 25,000-square-foot, bunker-like Data Center just northwest of Sioux Falls provides secure space for servers and other equipment so that SDN and some of its clients can back up their valuable electronic information.
  12. Avera Health keeps information secure with help from SDN Communications
    It’s not surprising that hackers and data thieves are attracted to large, successful health-care systems. Hospitals and other health-care facilities are entrusted with enormous amounts of personal information about patients.
  13. SDN’s first CEO proud of what the company has become
    “SDN Communications is now, as it should be, a hugely successful, robust business, and one of the most significant South Dakota corporations,” says SDN's first CEO, Rich Scott.
  14. SDN’s first 25 years include several significant milestones
    The creation of the South Dakota Network 25 years ago marked the start of the company that does business today as SDN Communications. SDN has become the premier, regional provider of broadband connectivity and related technology services for businesses.
  15. Sioux Falls is a good location for data centers, industry expert says
    Sioux Falls is a good location for data centers, industry expert says
  16. Weather, power rates make Sioux Falls great site for data centers
    Weather, power rates make Sioux Falls great site for data centers
  17. Midwest is ‘fantastic location for data centers’
    The data-center sector is among the industries targeted for expansion in the Sioux Falls area.
  18. Telecompetitor highlights SDN Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD
    The telecommunication industry's top website is taking note of SDN's Data Center in Sioux Falls.
  19. 10 Best Cities for Data Centers
    Sioux Falls continues to get great national attention for being the best spot for data centers.
  20. Sioux Falls Tops List of Data Center-Friendly Cities
    A recent study by Boyd Cos, a data security consulting company, showed that cities like Sioux Falls and Omaha are prime locations for future high-security data centers.