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Sioux Falls Tops List of Data Center-Friendly Cities

A recent study by Boyd Cos, a data security consulting company, showed that cities like Sioux Falls and Omaha are prime locations for future high-security data centers. The lower costs of operation, available and qualified workers, fiber-optic capacity, insulation from natural disasters and other factors puts Sioux Falls as the number 1 candidate for new data centers.

SDN’s new multi-million dollar data center is a prime example of the growing demand for these facilities in the Midwest. The building, affectionately known as the “bunker,” was built to withstand winds from an F4 tornado, includes redundant power feeds and showcases state-of-the-art security.

“In Sioux Falls, we are able to build data centers that rival those currently being built in any other area of the country. In addition, the costs, as well as other service-affecting issues, are much lower,“ said SDN CEO Mark Shlanta. “There is a reason that companies, like Google and PayPal, are looking to the Midwest as they grow their data center operations. The resources needed for secure data storage and backup are only going to increase.”