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Golden West Telecommunications - Denny Law, General Manager

Denny Law, chief executive officer of Golden West, jokes that his cooperative doesn’t convene many all-employee meetings. The gatherings would require employees to drive too much. Read More»

Infographic of the Month

The telephone is the invention that expanded and simplified communication. Take a look at its history and how it's used today in this month's infographic. Read More»

Ethernet Connection

SDN Communications offered Ethernet communications technology to government institutions and businesses in South Dakota for about nine years, and demand for the service has been steadily increasing. Read More»

Uptime University Presenter Denise Esper

Call center jobs shouldn’t be treated like entry-level positions, says Denise Esper, an expert in helping companies use technology to improve customer service and business efficiency. Read More»

Telephone Keypad

The tornado that hit Delmont on Mother’s Day and is a good reminder of why it’s important to keep a landline phone in your home and business. Read More»

Augustana College

When the time came for Augustana College to replace its phone system, leaders didn’t make a rash decision. A committee was formed to explore options. Read More»

SDN Breast Cancer Survivors

Shauna Sperle has participated before in cancer walks. But this is the first year she has participated as a cancer survivor. Read More»

UPTIME University: Cloud Contact Center

SDN's Steve Rueschhoff will demonstrate the benefits of the Cloud Contact Center during the next SDN Communications UPTIME University - a free, educational, breakfast event for business people in the region. Read More»

Infographic of the month

Take a look at our infographic of the month on the importance of protecting the data at your business. Read More»

Denise Esper - UPTIME University Presenter

Businesses have to work hard and smart to provide good customer service. Advances in technology are making the challenge easier, however. Read More»

Page 1 of 76 Pages