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Ransomware - Digital Extortion

The average ransomware victim pays about $300 to get file access restored. Some businesses reportedly have paid thousands of dollars. And the soaring use of computerized devices and the Internet have created more targets for ransomware than ever before. Read More»

NIST Cyber Framework Training

Cyberattacks are big, growing and constantly changing threats to businesses. Successful strikes can be devastating to a company’s finances, image and survival. Effectively reducing the risk of cyberattacks requires a significant cultural shift within organizations. Read More»

Uptime University: The Rise of Ransomware

Victims of advanced ransomware infections may have to decide whether to pay the ransom or sacrifice their information. To make matters worse, even if they reluctantly decide to pay, there is no guarantee they will get the information back. Read More»

SDN Customer Satisfaction Continues To Grow

Without good customer service, great products can lose value. Even the best offerings might go unused. The development of positive and trusting relationships between customers and representatives of a company’s sales and technical teams are crucial to the smooth delivery of telecommunications products. Read More»

Cyber Threat Assessment

Korena Keys jokes that if online connectivity to her office went down, she and her staff would sit around and stare at each other because they wouldn’t have anything to do. Read More»

2016 TIE Conference for Technology, Innovation & Education

Advances in technology are creating significant opportunities for improving education in South Dakota, but taking full advantage of new teaching methods requires schools to break from the past. Read More»

Trump Website Stays Online Amid DDoS Attacks

A politically motivated attack on Donald Trump’s websites that began on April Fools’ Day appears to have been a limited success, at best. The fact that the attack was announced in advance and couldn’t be prevented remains concerning, however. Read More»

2016 SD Legislature Recap

With the industry transitioning to IP-based data networks, many of the legislative and regulatory decisions are now made at the federal level. However, 2016 proved to be a year when there were still substantive communications and utility issues on the state level. Read More»

NIST Cyber Framework Training

Telecom executives, risk managers, legal advisers and IT leaders are among the business people invited to attend the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Training in Sioux Falls. The framework provides information designed to help organizations determine their current cybersecurity capabilities and establish a plan for improvement. Read More»

Beresford Municipal Telephone Company

BMTC currently provides services to about 1,250 phone customers, 700 Internet customers and 625 cable customers. Like other telecommunications businesses, BMTC is adjusting as fewer people use landline phones. Read More»

Page 1 of 75 Pages