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  1. In SD-MN recruitment rivalry, S.D. gaining ‘traction’
    Gov. Kristi Noem has revived a cross-border rivalry to recruit businesses from Minnesota, and one entrepreneurial coach doing business in both the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls believes South Dakota has the advantage.
  2. Warning: Fake Check Scam
    If you’ve never done business with SDN Communications and receive a check that appears to be from the company – don’t cash it!
  3. Welcome the newest member of SDN’s blogging team
    Please welcome Amy Bennett Smolik to SDN Communications’ blogging team. Amy is joining me as a writer and contracted service provider for SDN. Like me, she’ll assist SDN’s full-time marketing staff, which is led by Vernon Brown, the company’s vice president of marketing and community relations.
  4. Questions ­- and some answers - about working from home
    For Terri Pepper, the best part of working at home is the extra time she gets to spend with her dogs. Tasks have changed as employers and employees figure out what works best. But there are still questions about working from home.
  5. New to video conferencing? Here are some dos and don’ts
    Chris Aeilts was only half-joking when he boiled down his suggestions for good, video conferencing etiquette to a single, catchy sentence: “Wear pants, prepare for good video, and audio is king,” he said. Then he elaborated on what he meant.
  6. Check it out: Useful information on SDN’s new website is easier to find
    SDN Communications has updated its website, and the results are impressive. Finding fresh information about products, services, telecommunications issues, and the company and its affiliates will be easier for readers.
  7. Home-based working couple sees reasons to be positive
    Julie Clark Lingen and her husband, Brad Lingen, reflect one of the new trends in the Sioux Falls workforce. They both work from a home office, at least for now.
  8. A Message From SDN Communications' CEO
    A letter to customers: SDN’s network was built for times like these. We take great care to build a protected network. And over the past 30 years, you have just come to rely on us. That’s what we call UPTIME.
  9. Good news: Small businesses are upbeat about the economy
    Here’s some encouraging news to help settle further into 2020: Small businesses appear to be more optimistic than ever.
  10. Overcoming challenges was a popular blog topic in 2019
    SDN Communications reviews it's top ten read blogs from 2019. Overcoming business challenges, broadband expansion in South Dakota and our 30th Anniversary were the hot topics.
  11. Looking for a gift for the techy-minded? Perhaps we can help
    I checked and several other online gift sites and product columns to come up with a few other suggested gifts for the techy-minded. Some are practical; some are quirky.
  12. Free resources available to help businesses with disaster plans
    Victims of almost any type of disaster face one common risk: the possibility that they will lose or suffer a disruption of a technological service, such as electrical power or a computer network.
  13. Disaster training helps organizations fill gaps in planning
    Developing a good, emergency management plan is critical to the survival and future well-being of businesses of all sizes. But a plan is worthless if it isn’t updated regularly...
  14. Event highlights fascinating uses of technology and data in S.D.
    Sioux Falls might discard its current system of running buses on regularly scheduled routes. A team of city employees is exploring ways to make public transportation more responsive to riders, and they’re counting on data and technology to help them create a better and more efficient system.
  15. Event showcases S.D.’s impressive and growing high-tech base
    Biomedical technologies being developed in South Dakota will impact the world, says Rich Naser, president of the USD Discovery District in Sioux Falls.
  16. Technology Showcase will highlight cool innovations in S.D.
    The third annual Technology Showcase will be held from 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Sioux Falls.
  17. Coming sooner than you might expect: driverless cars
    Companies have been experimenting with driverless cars for decades, and progress is grabbing attention, especially during the past few years. Developers are testing self-driving cars every day on American streets, as companies race toward the consumer marketplace.
  18. Infographic of the month: Women In Technology
    The need for women to enter the technology and telecom fields in the near future is crucial. Take a look at the current state of the industry as it relates to women choosing the fields.
  19. Five steps businesses can take to prepare for disaster
    Up to 40 percent of businesses disrupted by natural disasters or human-caused problems never reopen, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Customers probably will sympathize with a business that gets shut down, but if they have to wait too long for a needed product or service, they are likely to go to a competitor.
  20. With SDN providing service, First Premier’s CEO has fewer worries
    With SDN providing service, First Premier’s CEO has fewer worries