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  1. A partnership connecting kids to education
    When the pandemic forced schools to switch to virtual learning in 2020, Crow Creek Tribal School was no exception. But for many of the students there, virtual learning was impossible because they did not have access to the internet.
  2. SDN helps fund Avera eCARE school nurses caring for growing diabetes cases
    Dana Culver makes medical recommendations for a living in her professional role as a Brookings pharmacist, but in her role as mother to two young boys diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she lost her confidence.
  3. Good connectivity is more important than ever for schools
    Good, reliable, electronic communication systems will be more important than ever during the 2020-21 school year. That’s largely because of COVID-19. However, the use of technology in schools was increasing steadily even before the pandemic.
  4. An increase in remote workers can create issues for companies - We have some advice
    Sending employees home to work can create challenges for employers as well as the staff members. SDN Communications has some advice for businesses to avoid technical challenges.
  5. SDN helps STARBASE students dream big and reach for stars
    STARBASE Sioux Falls pursues a mission that probably is difficult for many teachers and parents to reach: Getting kids excited to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  6. Computer immersion program teaches kids to think critically
    Older students at Lowell Elementary School in Sioux Falls coded laptop computers to build images of multistory structures. Others programmed small, robotic vehicles to stop, go or turn on their command.
  7. SD successful in connecting schools, challenges remain in digital learning
    U.S. schools have made tremendous progress in connecting students to the internet. South Dakota and neighboring states rank near the top nationally. However, fresh challenges to enhance digital learning opportunities await.
  8. Successful co-op project in Minn. strengthens school connectivity
    Before public schools in Worthington, Minn., were connected directly to a fiber optic network, they relied for years on wireless internet with spotty service.
  9. Cooperative project in Minnesota highlights SDN’s to-do list
    SDN Communications' crews are digging away, steadily expanding and improving the company’s regional, fiber optic footprint.
  10. MTI telecom program offers students a promising career path
    Eighteen students are on track to graduate in May from Mitchell Technical Institute with degrees in telecommunications. About 90 job opportunities await them.
  11. DSU MadLabs to address cybersecurity needs
    Dr. José-Marie Griffiths, president of Dakota State University, drew laughs from the audience when she jokingly passed along some password-security advice during the recent South Dakota Technology Showcase.
  12. Public schools deserve a little extra community support
    “We’re part of the community. What the Sioux Falls Public Schools do is educate the next generation of the community,” says Vernon Brown, vice president of marketing and community relations at SDN. “We feel a strong obligation to assist with that. Tax dollars don’t cover all the needs.”
  13. Schools turn phishing attacks into educational opportunity, raise awareness
    A security firm recently sent a fake email to approximately 400 employees of Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. Don't worry, it was part of an educational exercise. Yet, the recipients generously shared personal information with the sender. They later found out the email had been a simulated phishing attack.
  14. School bandwidth needs rise along with computer use
    The Sioux Falls School District will begin the third year of its Student Technology Initiative in September with more broadband power than ever. Education officials determined last school year that middle schools, in particular, needed more Internet connection speed, and they will get it.
  15. SDN Communications wraps up construction work on stimulus project
    SDN Communications wraps up construction work on stimulus project