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  1. SDN engineer recommends Mitchell Tech’s hands-on education
    Tyler Larson wanted to get working as soon as he could out of high school. That's why he chose Mitchell Tech, where he received a degree with hands-on learning in just two years.
  2. How SDN Communications' employee benefits stand out from the pack
    At SDN Communications, generous benefits have always been a significant part of attracting and retaining employees. Take a closer look at what the company offers.
  3. SDN technician sees Mitchell Tech education as investment that’s hard to beat
    Mitchell Tech University helped SDN voice service technician forge his path in telecommunications and technology industries. Here's how:
  4. SDN Communications high school internship paved way for tech talent in Sioux Falls
    A high school intern at SDN Communications has gone on to big things since he learned about telecommunications from SDN's team of experts.
  5. SDN employees show creative side with photography contest
    The staff at SDN Communications are pretty good photographers. See some of their photos from their travels around the country and the world.
  6. Up-and-Comer: Network Account Executive Megan Greenfield
    Get to know Megan Greenfield, a network account executive for SDN Communications.
  7. SDN employees give back to area youth through Junior Achievement
    Each year, a dozen employees from SDN Communications share their time and talents with students in the Sioux Falls School District through the Junior Achievement program.
  8. Russ Lampy retiring after decades of working on state network — and herding cats
    Russ Lampy has worked as a sales engineer and "professional cat herder" for SDN Communications for 19 years. After decades in the telecommunication industry, he has announced his retirement.
  9. SDN anthem video taps into light to showcase potential of network
    SDN Communications partnered with Fresh Produce to tell its story — its anthem — by traveling across the state and finding the light that powers the network.
  10. Veteran sales engineer stays on top of tech changes at SDN
    Gary Fischer brings almost four decades of experience in the computer and telecommunications industries to SDN Communications. He is adept at making the complicated simple for SDN customers.
  11. Up-and-Comer: Marketing specialist Hannah Boquet
    Hannah Boquet has a talent for photography, event planning and design at SDN Communications, but she's also a great hoola-hooper and rock climber. Learn more about her:
  12. Mitchell Tech College honors SDN as one of top employers for graduates
    SDN Communications has the 10th highest rate of hiring Mitchell Tech students out of 32 businesses being recognized.
  13. Interns get a full-time employee experience at SDN Communications
    At SDN Communications, interns are treated just like full-time employees, and their 2023 experience is proof of it.
  14. Scenes from the Sioux Falls Airshow and Thunderbirds
    The Thunderbirds and more than a dozen other planes took to the skies at the Sioux Falls Airshow on Saturday. See photos and videos from the event:
  15. Family business instilled 'strong work ethic' in SDN's director of engineering
    “I’ve been blessed my whole life in that I’ve always had a good manager to work for. At SDN it’s the same — and probably what kept me here. I try every day to be a good manager.”
  16. Up-and-Comer: Commercial sales manager Jon Clayborne
    SDN Communications' Jon Clayborne is featured in this week's SiouxFalls.Business profile.
  17. At SDN, an internship can turn into a full-time job
    A new group of interns are starting at SDN Communications this summer. For past interns, the program has resulted in full-time jobs at the company.
  18. New SDN network account executive has 'heart of a teacher'
    Melissa Dellman spent six years as a teacher in the Tea Area School District. Now she’s a network account executive for SDN Communications.
  19. At SDN Communications, work can be fun, too
    SDN Communications knows work isn't just work — that's why the Great Ideas Group was formed. Its purpose is to develop and plan employee events that connect coworkers and make work fun.
  20. Dakota State University student named first SDN Communications Scholar
    The first SDN Scholar recipient is a student in the field of cyber security at Dakota State University.