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  1. The year of the pandemic internship - How SDN made it work
    “We had a number of our interns hired by the time the pandemic hit, and we felt an obligation to them, especially since some of them need internship credits to graduate,”
  2. Technicians keep networks running smoothly, even during pandemic
    Two groups of behind-the-scenes employees at SDN have helped keep regional commerce flowing during the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining a smooth flow of electronic information within and across the region.
  3. Canaries honor SDN engineer's professional baseball career with HOF induction
    As a member of SDN Communications’ network engineering team, Trevor Lawhorn knows the importance of being a good team member — collaborating, being able to listen and adapt to what those around you are saying.
  4. When a pandemic brings change, chaplain tells employees to consider ‘Green Eggs and Ham’
    The past four months have delivered plenty of change. Where better to turn for some lessons in coping than Dr. Seuss’s well-known book, “Green Eggs and Ham.”
  5. Having employees work from home has gone smoothly at SDN
    Most SDN employees have been working from their homes since March 19, when COVID-19 was beginning to spread across the Upper Midwest. HR Director Amy Preator says the transition for SDN has gone extremely well and very smoothly.
  6. Robinson optimistic about growth potential of Rapid City area
    Greg Robinson’s first two years with SDN Communications’ Rapid City office have been fun as well as challenging, and he’s upbeat about the future of the area.
  7. Meet Dave Fehrs; he helps businesses adapt to changing needs
    The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way business is conducted, probably for the long term. Dave Fehrs says in terms of network communications and broadband usage, some of the changes are probably for the better.
  8. Interns at SDN Communications build successful careers
    Interns at SDN are entrusted with real work duties across the company. Some stayed with the company in permanent positions. Others have built successful careers elsewhere across the region. We checked in with two to see where they are today.
  9. Enrollment open for telecom degree with 100% job placement
    The broadband industry that makes it possible for you to read this article online needs technical workers, and Mitchell Technical Institute has immediate openings, possibly even full-ride scholarships, for students of any age who are ready to get hired even before graduation.
  10. Jake VanDewater, Ryan Dutton promoted, take on new responsibilities
    SDN Communications is growing its leadership internally and has promoted two experienced telecommunications employees.
  11. ‘Downtown Vernon Brown’s’ professional success fittingly recognized
    It’s not surprising that Vernon Brown is held in high esteem by his peers in the marketing and advertising profession in South Dakota. He’s achieved measurable and impressive success since joining SDN in 2002.
  12. SDN adds chaplain service to benefits available to employees
    John Warden is among the communication experts who roams the corridors at SDN Communications’ two-building headquarters in western Sioux Falls.
  13. Improving customer experience is an ongoing pursuit at SDN
    Company personnel and processes change, and best practices evolve. So communication practices have to be regularly updated and refined to guarantee that customers receive high-level experiences.
  14. 'Maintain Don't Gain' and wellness screening payout encourages healthy living
    To encourage wellness in its workforce, SDN Communications gives employees the opportunity to earn bonuses through voluntary, annual health screenings.
  15. STEM Day: A little known holiday that deserves attention
    Every day of the year is designated for some kind of holiday or special observation at the local, state, national or international level. November 8th is STEM/STEAM Day.
  16. Employees embrace opportunities to support school, call on other businesses
    Employees at SDN Communications have a special relationship with several hundred elementary school students and their teachers. The students attend Garfield Elementary School, a public school near SDN’s headquarters in west-central Sioux Falls.
  17. SDN Internship Experience - More than just an intern
    The two summer marketing interns, Kara and Lindsey, reflect on their time at SDN.
  18. Having a good disaster plan isn’t enough; it also must be tested
    During an emergency drill, members of a security committee at SDN Communications discovered that a gathering spot in a company building didn’t have enough room for all the employees directed there.
  19. Six more students from area schools begin internships at SDN
    Six students from four postsecondary schools in the Sioux Falls area have joined the staff of SDN Communications, at least temporarily, and are contributing to the company’s successful experience with interns.
  20. SDN experts pay it forward to train future telecom pros
    Industry representatives who serve on the Information Systems Technology Curriculum Board help the school make sure that its technical curriculum is up to date and that faculty members are aware of new technologies in the field.