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Topic: Broadband Internet

  1. Welcome to the new world of working at home
    Widespread and fitting concern among businesses over the spread of COVID-19 has created a lot of new, home-based workers. I’m fortunate to know several who work out of home offices. So I asked some of them for suggestions.
  2. An increase in remote workers can create issues for companies - We have some advice
    Sending employees home to work can create challenges for employers as well as the staff members. SDN Communications has some advice for businesses to avoid technical challenges.
  3. KELOLAND News: SD businesses expand bandwidth to send more workers home
    KELOLAND News' Angela Kennecke featured SDN Communications customer Plains Commerce Bank Thursday to show how they're gradually moving people from the office to work remotely amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
  4. SDN is dedicated to your UPTIME while keeping employees safe
    UPTIME has never been more important than in these challenging days of coronavirus. SDN is committed to keeping you and all your employees connected.
  5. Telemedicine in demand, shows promise in mental health treatment
    Health care organizations have discovered benefits in connecting with patients online for mental health appointments, especially in rural communities.
  6. Grants helping fill gaps in broadband access in rural S.D.
    Filling a gap in broadband coverage near the state capital of South Dakota might carry symbolic value. However, the real winners in an infrastructure build-out made possible by a state grant will be hundreds of people who live or work in a rural area north and east of Pierre.
  7. SD-WAN adds versatile networking service to SDN’s offerings
    SD-WAN service can simplify network administration, consolidate infrastructure, centralize control of resources, and provide flexible topology, which in computer-talk refers to the size and shape of a network.
  8. Twist tie company leverages SDN’s flexibility in emergency
    Bedford Industries built its business on being flexible. Its founders set out to be the world leader in twist ties, packaging reclosures, and Bendable Components®. But it credits the flexibility of one of its service providers for getting the company through a recent unexpected challenge.
  9. Infographic of the Week: Public Wi-Fi - What you need to know
    Public Wi-Fi has made life easier but it also poses a security risk. Download our fourth series of infographics for your company.
  10. 5G likely to bring big changes but not for years, analyst says
    Will 5G communications technology live up to all the advance hype and fuel the newest industrial revolution? Probably, according to a national telecommunications analyst, but...
  11. Escaping the figurative challenge of an Ethernet rabbit hole
    Chris Aeilts, a sales engineer at SDN, pulled me out of the figurative rabbit hole, dusted me off, and explained what Ethernet is and isn’t, and how the definition can vary.
  12. Hearing highlights rural connectivity successes and challenges
    One of the keys to expanding connectivity in the nation is to first determine where people have access to high-speed fiber connectivity and where it doesn’t exist.
  13. Downtown Sioux Falls likely to get its first small cell poles
    Ten new light poles that will double as small cell support structures are expected to significantly enhance mobile connectivity in the area.
  14. Single points of failure loom as big risk for the unprepared
    Businesses increasingly rely on the tools of technology. Computerized and automated processes are common and valuable contributors in all kinds of commercial operations.
  15. Board guides successful, 30-year evolution of SDN
    Three decades of expanding services and market area have altered SDN Communications in a number of fundamental and obvious ways. One interesting, secondary change has been in how competitors perceive the successful company.
  16. Be careful - One, misplaced dig could cut lifesaving services
    You won’t find any patients at Avera eCARE in northern Sioux Falls. There are doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who rely heavily on advanced telecommunications technology and dependable broadband connectivity.
  17. Bank goes extra miles to improve customer data protection
    In early 2013, an underground transformer fire temporarily knocked out electrical power to a four-block area of downtown Sioux Falls. The fire burned beneath the sight line of dozens of businesses, but it left a strong impression on executives at The First National Bank in Sioux Falls.
  18. SDN takes extra effort to make network fixable and reliable
    A crew that cuts internet fiber on accident while constructing a building or road doesn’t only interrupt a TV show that people might be watching. There is more at risk than delaying every day phone calls or emails.
  19. State grant to help CRSTTA deliver fiber to the home in Timber Lake
    The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Telephone Authority was awarded a Connect South Dakota Grant under a plan to bring fiber-optic broadband internet to people in Timber Lake.
  20. Alliance Communications closes digital divide for residents north of Sherman
    Alliance Communications, based in Garretson, S.D., received a grant from the State of South Dakota to bring fiber-optic broadband Internet to an underserved area north of Sherman, S.D.