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  1. UPTIME powers Great Bear Recreation Park all year long
    Great Bear Ski Valley’s 2024 snow season was over in 35 days after an unseasonably warm winter, but thanks in part to SDN Communications, the UPTIME lasts year-round at the recreation area.
  2. SDN Wi-Fi trailer provides UPTIME at community events
    Keep an eye out this summer for the SDN Communications Wi-Fi trailer at events across the state. The trailer is powered by SDN's member companies and can provide internet for thousands of people.
  3. From baseball to the Marines, SDN team members bring variety of experiences to the job
    Want to work in the telecommunications industry? You don't have to have a telecommunications background, as three SDN employees can attest.
  4. SoDak Circuit launches free esports event in Sioux Falls on Sept. 21
    SDN Communications and its member companies are launching the the first SoDak Circuit esports event for September. All ages and skill levels are invited!
  5. Meet our Members: Alliance Communications
    Garretson, SD is home to Alliance Communications as they serve portions of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa with personal service through elite fiber-optic technology.
  6. How ConnectSD grants, SDN member companies link rural business owners
    Three South Dakota rural business owners struggled with reliable internet until ConnectSD grants and SDN Communications member companies expanded services.
  7. With nearly 100% buried fiber, SDN promises unprecedented UPTIME
    SDN Communications touts its vast underground fiber-optic cable network. That leads to more UPTIME. Here's why.
  8. Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference to offer solutions to protect businesses
    To help companies take a more proactive approach to their cybersecurity practices, SDN Communications is sponsoring the 2024 Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference, hosted by the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce on April 23.
  9. SDN engineer recommends Mitchell Tech’s hands-on education
    Tyler Larson wanted to get working as soon as he could out of high school. That's why he chose Mitchell Tech, where he received a degree with hands-on learning in just two years.
  10. Introducing 'UPTIME: Beyond Connectivity' — elevate your experience with SDN
    SDN Communications doesn't just link devices; we foster connections, empower businesses and enrich lives. We are going beyond the ordinary to redefine what it means to stay connected: "UPTIME: Beyond Connectivity."
  11. Diverse fiber paths crucial to keep the UPTIME flowing
    Thanks to SDN Communications' advanced route planning, internet users likely wouldn't even notice a cut fiber line.
  12. How SDN Communications' employee benefits stand out from the pack
    At SDN Communications, generous benefits have always been a significant part of attracting and retaining employees. Take a closer look at what the company offers.
  13. SDN technician sees Mitchell Tech education as investment that’s hard to beat
    Mitchell Tech University helped SDN voice service technician forge his path in telecommunications and technology industries. Here's how:
  14. SDN Communications high school internship paved way for tech talent in Sioux Falls
    A high school intern at SDN Communications has gone on to big things since he learned about telecommunications from SDN's team of experts.
  15. Five things about SDN: Legislators learn about telecommunications industry
    Long-distance telephone services were the entire revenue stream for SDN Communications when it was founded in 1989. Needless to say, things have changed since then. South Dakota legislators learned how it's changed and what's next during a luncheon hosted by SDN in December.
  16. Santel bringing high-speed internet to rural Yankton, Vermillion
    About 900 locations are set to receive fiber internet coverage in the rural Yankton and Vermillion areas thanks to Santel Communications and a grant from ConnectSD.
  17. SDN anthem video taps into light to showcase potential of network
    SDN Communications partnered with Fresh Produce to tell its story — its anthem — by traveling across the state and finding the light that powers the network.
  18. Veteran sales engineer stays on top of tech changes at SDN
    Gary Fischer brings almost four decades of experience in the computer and telecommunications industries to SDN Communications. He is adept at making the complicated simple for SDN customers.
  19. Addition of Hurricane Electric makes SDN's Data Center 'most connected' in region
    One of the biggest providers of the internet in the world has a presence in the SDN Data Center.
  20. Sign language interpreter finds freedom to work in small town thanks to world-class internet
    “Chamberlain has fiber network. I couldn’t even get fiber in Austin, Texas, where we lived before.” The reliable internet of SDN Communications member company Midstate Communications allows Ezra Moore to work remotely as a sign language interpreter.