Reliable, Redundant, Secure

The perfect connection for your business
broadband equipment rack for business internet

Not all business internet is created equal. Here's how SDN's business internet works:

Simply put, we develop custom, dedicated network solutions to meet the needs of your business.

It's essential to partner with a regional service provider that understands the importance of fast, reliable, business internet. Our 50,000 miles of fiber optics offer flexible connectivity options to deliver network diversity, network uptime, resiliency and security.

SDN's Expert Network Engineers Deliver Security, Speed, Protection And UPTIME

SDN's engineers designed a redundant, secure, protected business internet network service by connecting to multiple Tier 1 backbone providers in the region. Those connections mean our Metro and Long-Haul Ethernet transports voice, video and data traffic via large fiber internet pipes, across the region and to cloud providers. SDN is unmatched when it comes to business internet service in the region. You can rely on SDN to deliver connectivity, reduced lag and blazing fast upload speeds to keep your business connected 24/7 in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Pierre, Watertown and Huron in South Dakota, as well as southwestern Minnesota, and beyond!

Our livelihood depends on connectivity that never goes down. ... It’s important to recognize that SDN performs at a high level. We’re big fans of SDN.
― Darrin Smith, President/CEO | Washington Pavilion

Interactive Fiber Map

Use the map below to check the availability of our SDN Communications business internet to your location.

  • The red routes represent the network SDN Communications owns and/or manages.
  • The dark blue routes represent the networks of our members and partners who have shared their access and data with SDN.
  • The shaded areas belong to our 17 Member Companies - many have 100% fiber networks in their territories.

As an internet provider, we offer reliable connectivity and business internet service across the state of South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota.

SDN Communications: Secure Fiber, Efficient Data, Guaranteed UPTIME

We connect businesses – Our fiber allows businesses to share electronic information over a secure, MEF 2.0 Certified network so they can better serve their customers.

We haul information – The big telecommunications companies come to SDN because they can deal with one company to move data across the Upper Great Plains.

We strive for UPTIME - UPTIME is being able to connect with what is most important in your life without worrying about the technology or service that keeps you connected online.

Key Features

Features that matter to your business.

Scalable Bandwidth

Increase or decrease bandwidth incrementally between 10 Mbps – 100 Gbps+ to meet demands. As your business needs change, so can your internet. Not all business internet providers can quickly adjust your bandwidth, but SDN can.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Your traffic takes priority even during peak usage periods, ensuring your business can handle mountains of data with ease. No more congestion during business hours due to internet speeds; no more overload messages or bandwidth issues when customers are trying to reach you.

Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds

Upload speeds match download speeds with SDN's business internet, which means improved collaboration, especially for remote employees, virtual workspaces, online meeting presentations and sales pitches.


SDN and our member companies cover more than 80% of South Dakota’s geography and have a growing presence in southwest Minnesota. We serve businesses in communities large and small.

closeup of fiber connected to equipment
Cloud Exchange

Connected to the Cloud

SDN Communications’ Cloud Exchange Service gives businesses with virtual data centers and other cloud services private, secure, direct access to today’s leading cloud service providers.

Increase your data’s throughput to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others by eliminating bottlenecks found in traditional cloud access.

Tell us about your business internet needs. We can help!