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Here's how SDN's latest business internet ad is based on a true story

SDN Communications employee Ryan Jackovich is featured in a screenshot from the SDN ad
SDN Communications employee Ryan Jackovich is shown in this screengrab from SDN's Big Game ad.

SDN Communications unveils its latest series of commercials during the Big Game every year.

This year, the three-commercial campaign started with a local ad after halftime that focused on how SDN Communications, a business internet company serving the region, responded quickly to help one of its customers.

The text at the beginning of each commercial says “based on a true story.” And that’s not tongue-in-cheek. All the ads feature real examples of how SDN has stepped up when a company was in a bind.

In the first ad, a representative of a company explains that SDN saved the day when a “hardware failure required us to transfer our data to a new server. And that’s when SDN sprang into action. They immediately boosted our bandwidth. What a relief, ‘cause we were down hard.”

It happened in 2019 when Bedford Industries, which makes twist ties and packaging closures in Worthington, Minnesota, had a hardware malfunction (not related to SDN) that prompted one of Bedford’s servers to start replicating a new base image of its entire storage. That torrent of data jammed Bedford’s network.

SDN Communications 'responded immediately'

Bedford’s IT staff called SDN’s 24-hour service line on a Saturday and requested a temporary boost in bandwidth. Their account executive promptly signed off on the request, which increased their speed from 150 megabits per second to 500.

Products from Bedford Industries in Worthington, Minnesota.
Bedford Industries in Worthington, Minnesota, makes twist ties and other products that keep food containers closed.

“They responded almost immediately,” Bedford’s network and systems administrator said at the time. “It was huge. It was a lifesaver.”

Even better for Bedford, SDN didn’t charge them for the temporary boost.

“We’re a fairly large organization, but we’re not so big that we can’t get things done quickly when a customer’s operation is at risk,” Ryan Dutton, now SDN Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said at the time. “We have enough resources to provide the solutions our customers need, but we’re also nimble enough to respond within the timeline required.”

Bedford Industries logo

Another satisfied customer. And inspiration for SDN's 2024 series of commercials.

"Our latest commercial campaign dives into the heart of our customer interactions, showcasing the ways we've made a positive impact on their businesses," SDN Marketing Manager Andrea Leesch said. " Through a unique approach that takes viewers behind the scenes, we're bringing to life the moments where our assistance has truly made a difference."

Look for the second and third commercials, as well as the stories behind them, later this year.