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  1. Canaries honor SDN engineer's professional baseball career with HOF induction
    As a member of SDN Communications’ network engineering team, Trevor Lawhorn knows the importance of being a good team member — collaborating, being able to listen and adapt to what those around you are saying.
  2. Grants will help improve connectivity in rural Davison County
    Ryan Thompson, the general manager and CEO of Santel, was pleasantly surprised – and greatly appreciative - when both of the cooperative’s applications were approved recently as part of Gov. Kristi Noem’s Connect South Dakota broadband program.
  3. Warning: Fake Check Scam
    If you’ve never done business with SDN Communications and receive a check that appears to be from the company – don’t cash it!
  4. When a pandemic brings change, chaplain tells employees to consider ‘Green Eggs and Ham’
    The past four months have delivered plenty of change. Where better to turn for some lessons in coping than Dr. Seuss’s well-known book, “Green Eggs and Ham.”
  5. Telecoms help bring homegrown talent back to South Dakota
    Our member companies are helping lure experienced professionals back to their home state, a hiring practice that is good for the regional economy as well as employers.
  6. SDN joins effort to spur more housing development in region
    SDN Communications and its 17 member companies across the state, which have been concerned about the issue for several years, have joined with three other regional business organizations to help address the housing crunch.
  7. SDN announces contribution to spur rural workforce housing
    SDN is announcing a $1 million pledge in a housing-development initiative that is part of a revolving loan fund administered through East River Electric Power Cooperative of Madison.
  8. Having employees work from home has gone smoothly at SDN
    Most SDN employees have been working from their homes since March 19, when COVID-19 was beginning to spread across the Upper Midwest. HR Director Amy Preator says the transition for SDN has gone extremely well and very smoothly.
  9. Robinson optimistic about growth potential of Rapid City area
    Greg Robinson’s first two years with SDN Communications’ Rapid City office have been fun as well as challenging, and he’s upbeat about the future of the area.
  10. Upgraded route equipment will help SDN and members grow
    SDN Communications is making substantial progress in upgrading its core transmission routes to serve customers’ future needs. It's going to enable SDN and its member companies to efficiently provide higher levels of broadband services.
  11. State grants help SDN affiliates improve connectivity across S.D.
    It’s extremely important that the state and telecommunications industry continue to close gaps in connectivity that have left some rural areas of South Dakota underserved. A second round of grants from the Connect South Dakota broadband program will help plug some of the holes.
  12. Race to connect businesses, network expansion among projects keeping fiber contractor busy
    I was scheduled to connect with Brad Engbarth by phone recently. But an urgent cable-moving situation arose and his plans changed. When he answered my call, he was standing at the bottom of a 20-foot hole at a street-construction site in Sioux Falls.
  13. Governor Kristi Noem Announces Broadband Grant Awards
    Governor Kristi Noem announced today that 14 projects have been awarded grants to fund broadband projects to better connect unserved and underserved areas across South Dakota.
  14. Midwestern Mechanical grows its business with help from SDN
    As the IT administrator for Midwestern Mechanical, Inc., Matt Allen needs a good, reliable partner to help keep communications technology at the growing company operating smoothly and securely.
  15. Video conferencing establishes its niche in the next normal
    Video conferencing has been available for years. However, until COVID-19 started disrupting workplaces, companies used the technology mostly just to connect with employees and business partners not located within convenient driving distance.
  16. Meet Dave Fehrs; he helps businesses adapt to changing needs
    The COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way business is conducted, probably for the long term. Dave Fehrs says in terms of network communications and broadband usage, some of the changes are probably for the better.
  17. Small but ambitious telecom keeps getting bigger
    Woodstock Communications remains a progressive, ambitious and growing telecom. The company is continuously looking for new and underserved areas to extend fiber and wireless services.
  18. Pandemic ‘has been a game-changer’ for telehealth center
    The pandemic has thrust Avera eCARE into an even greater role in remotely providing medical assistance to regional affiliates of Avera Health and other health-care facilities across the nation.
  19. Believe it or not, some still use 'password' as a password
    As encouraging signs go, this isn’t much. It’s minuscule. However, “password,” one of the weakest computer passwords of all time, might have been slightly less popular in 2019 than it was in 2018.
  20. Despite pandemic, 2020 is busy year for SDN’s growing network
    It’s too early to say for sure, but 2020 could turn into a record year for network improvement projects at SDN Communications. While the pandemic has slowed activity in some business organizations, telecommunications, generally speaking, is not among them.