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Telecompetitor highlights SDN Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD

The telecommunication industry's top website is taking note of SDN's Data Center in Sioux Falls.

Telecompetitor reporter Joan Engebretson highlights how SDN and other regional carriers are finding niche markets in the data center industry.

"SDN’s ambitious data center plans

A new data center project on the outskirts of Sioux Falls, South Dakota illustrates how network operators can simultaneously enhance the reliability of their network and create a new revenue stream.

The new data center, which completed construction last month, is owned and operated by South Dakota Network, a group of 17 independent telcos in the state that also owns and operates a statewide fiber network that reaches into seven other states."

Check out Telecompetitor's full story.

SDN's facility serves as a back-up facility for SDN's network, but also has wholesale space for companies looking for a 1,000 square feet or more of data space. CoSentry is the first tenant in the building. It sells rack space for businesses looking for offsite data storage for disaster recovery. SDN may soon have announcement on another tenant who will take the remaining space in the 25,000 square foot facility.

SDN is also preparing to house the state's only carrier hotel in the building. That means similar regional networks could access the facility to serve customers in the building or cross connect with other regional carriers.