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  1. Diverse fiber paths crucial to keep the UPTIME flowing
    Thanks to SDN Communications' advanced route planning, internet users likely wouldn't even notice a cut fiber line.
  2. Five things about SDN: Legislators learn about telecommunications industry
    Long-distance telephone services were the entire revenue stream for SDN Communications when it was founded in 1989. Needless to say, things have changed since then. South Dakota legislators learned how it's changed and what's next during a luncheon hosted by SDN in December.
  3. Missed field trip connected Eich to opportunities that led to telecom career
    Dan Eich is the Director of Wholesale and Carrier Management for SDN Communications, where he’s been employed since 2010. How he got there can be traced back to missing out on a field trip.
  4. New fiber route to Denver strengthens SDN network
    An upgraded SDN Communications fiber route to Denver will improve connectivity, performance and UPTIME for companies with offices, warehouses, or other connectivity needs west or south of South Dakota.
  5. Building the internet of tomorrow
    SDN Communications constantly evaluates its entire network and plans for the future. The pandemic hasn’t changed that – it was a proof of performance. The projects planned for 2021 will continue to position the company’s network to meet future needs and improve the network in four key areas.
  6. Upgraded route equipment will help SDN and members grow
    SDN Communications is making substantial progress in upgrading its core transmission routes to serve customers’ future needs. It's going to enable SDN and its member companies to efficiently provide higher levels of broadband services.
  7. 5G likely to bring big changes but not for years, analyst says
    Will 5G communications technology live up to all the advance hype and fuel the newest industrial revolution? Probably, according to a national telecommunications analyst, but...
  8. Conference will showcase innovative technology in S.D.
    It’s a good time to be in the telecommunications infrastructure business, according to Jennifer Fritzsche. She analyzes national telecom issues and says tens of billions of dollars of new infrastructure will be necessary to prepare the United States for 5G.
  9. Downtown Sioux Falls likely to get its first small cell poles
    Ten new light poles that will double as small cell support structures are expected to significantly enhance mobile connectivity in the area.
  10. Hartford, to its credit, explores potential of 5G technology
    Civic leaders in Hartford invited SDN executives to talk about small cell technology at an Aug. 16 meeting of the Hartford Area Development Foundation.
  11. SDN’s connectivity reaches far beyond South Dakota
    The South Dakota-based network reaches into eight other states in the region and, from there, ties cooperatively into other networks and extends across the United States.
  12. Future will bring more small cells and better services in region
    People in Brookings, including students, staff and visitors at South Dakota State University, can look forward to improved telecommunications in 2018.
  13. 5G technology is in the works, and it will be a game-changer
    More so than many industries, the history of telecommunications has been filled with game-changing developments. Consider all that’s happened in just the last couple of generations. The next is on the way: the fifth generation wireless technology commonly referred to as 5G.
  14. Businesses can benefit from dual connections to the internet
    For some businesses, a temporary stop in internet service might not be a big deal. However, for others maintaining a good internet connectivity might be extremely important. Businesses in the Sioux Falls region can reduce the likelihood of losing connectivity by having two, separately based and maintained connections to the internet.
  15. Planned emergency communications network advancing
    The development of a robust, wireless broadband network for America’s first responders is expected to reach a significant milestone in June. The First Responder Network Authority, or FirstNet, is developing the first high-speed, nationwide, broadband network dedicated to public safety.
  16. Thune DSU event melds professional, parental experiences for SDN CEO
    Every parent experiences moments where pride and fear can collide. I felt one of those potentially explosive moments at Sen. John Thune’s packed event at Dakota State University last week. When the senator opened for student questions, I looked back and saw my son, Michael, at the microphone.
  17. Certifications help showcase SDN’s top-notch technical staff
    Four more SDN Communications employees have earned a the Metro Ethernet Forum's Carrier Ethernet Professional Certification. That brings the number of certified engineers at SDN to 12 - the most of any broadband provider in the Sioux Falls area.
  18. Soaring mobile phone use straining telecom infrastructure
    Trends in phone use are striking and underscore the need for improvements to relieve the region’s increasingly strained telecommunications infrastructure.
  19. Cyberattacks can come from anywhere, even school kids
    When you think about someone planning an electronic attack on a computer network, you probably envision foreign terrorists, domestic criminals or maybe unethical business or political rivals. You probably don’t think about high school students who want to get out of a test or amuse themselves with mischief.
  20. Small cell technology helping improve wireless services
    As more people rely on their mobile phones and tablets to stream video and browse the Internet, some wireless carriers are using small cell networks to improve customer service and meet the bandwidth demands of mobile users.