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Topic: Wholesale Carrier

  1. SDN’s CEO identifies 3 areas of major focus for a busy 2016
    The invention of the telephone dates back to the 1870s. Early development of computer networks and the Internet can be traced back to the 1940s. Today, the constantly evolving telecommunications industry is more vibrant than ever.
  2. SDN’s reach soon will extend deeply into Minnesota
    Within a few months, direct access to SDN Communications’ fiber-optic network and services will reach more deeply beyond South Dakota’s eastern border and loop around the entire southern third of Minnesota.
  3. SDN’s growing network quietly links clients regionally, globally
    Leading businesses in Sioux Falls and across South Dakota generally are familiar with SDN Communications. The Sioux Falls-based company, along with its affiliates and partners, provides reliable broadband connectivity and telecommunications services to businesses, organizations and government, especially to clients with multiple locations in the city, state or region.
  4. SDN networking equipment meets new, higher standard
    SDN Communications has achieved a level of networking certification that will help its business clients pursue local, regional and global opportunities.
  5. SDN to help deploy, maintain microcell wireless technology
    You know the feeling. You’re at a crowded venue trying to text a friend, send a photo or simply pull up a web page. All you get is the eternal spinning wheel. Nothing goes through. Even with an unlimited data package, if the data network is maxed out by users, no one connects.
  6. Construction work led J.J. Anderson to career in telecom
    He found a good place for his interests and skills with SDN Communications as a wholesale carrier relations executive at the company’s headquarters in Sioux Falls. As part of the wholesale services team, Anderson works with SDN’s member companies as well as regional and national carriers.