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From fiber expansion to employee profiles, 2023 blogs had a lot to offer

Collage of photos representing SDN Communications top 10 blogs of 2023.

The year 2023 came with plenty of great moments for SDN Communications and our member companies, and we did our best to capture those moments in our blogs. From the people and communities that make our company shine to the technology that makes it all happen, here’s a look at the top 10 most read blogs in 2023:

1. New Venture Communications CEO has a love of leadership and a passion for rodeo. In late 2022, longtime Venture Communications CEO Randy Houdek retired and Fay Jandreau stepped into the role as CEO/general manager. Well into his first year on the job, Jandreau shared his thoughts on leadership and his passion for his cherished hobby of rodeo.

2. SDN Communications Board of Managers elects executive team, new member. The SDN Board of Managers re-elected board president Denny Law, general manager and CEO of Golden West Telecommunications in Wall. The board also elected other leadership and added Jandreau.

The SDN Communications Board of Managers pose for a photo.
The SDN Communications Board of Managers, from left: Fay Jandreau, Ross Petrick, Ryan Thompson, Tracy Bandemer, Jeff Symens, Heather Kranz, Chad Mutziger, Steve Meyer and Denny Law.

3. Dakota State University student named first SDN Communications Scholar. A double major in cyber operations and network and security administration, Dakota State University student Josh Krull was awarded the inaugural SDN Communications Scholar scholarship.

4. SDN Communications expanding presence in Rapid City. The addition of high-speed fiber in Rapid City will help attract businesses to the new industrial center as well as provide services to existing businesses in other areas.

5. Sign language interpreter finds freedom to work in small town thanks to world-class internet. High-speed internet gives sign language interpreter Ezra Moore the ability to provide his services virtually from Chamberlain. It’s a luxury not always available in other parts of the country.

6. Dakota State CybHER Camp trains next generation of cyber experts, leaders. The CybHER camp for girls at Dakota State University, partially sponsored by SDN, offered a peek at future careers in cybersecurity. This blog post was an inside-look at how the camp works, from the perspective of an attendee.

SDN Communications 2023 interns Josh Krull, Dalton Brouwer, Joe Larson and Abigail Nielsen. Not pictured: Ethan Ferguson pose for a photo
SDN Communications 2023 interns (from left) Josh Krull, Dalton Brouwer, Joe Larson and Abigail Nielsen. Not pictured: Ethan Ferguson.

7. SDN Communications, member companies receive part of $32.5M in broadband Grants. When the state of South Dakota awarded nine grants to cover 13 broadband projects, SDN and its member companies received a few of them.

8. Veteran sales engineer stays on top of tech changes at SDN. Gary Fischer has had a front-row seat to the exciting changes and growth in technology over the past 37 years. From the size and capacity of hard drives to the introduction of the internet, he’s seen it all. This blog takes a closer look at the telecom veteran.

9. At SDN, an internship can turn into a full-time job. Some of SDN’s longest employees got their starts as interns. Our internships give students a chance to explore the industry and technology as well as develop relationships with our staff. When an internship results in the hiring of a former intern, it’s a win-win for everyone.

10. At SDN Communications, work can be fun, too. SDN is more than just a workplace. It’s also an environment where staff can gather and enjoy a little fun together. From Super Bowl potlucks to scavenger hunts, the Great Ideas Group, known as GIG, makes sure that staff has plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves.

There you have it, the top 10 blogs from 2023. Make sure to check out the ones you missed. In 2024, we look forward to bringing you more insights, features and news about SDN and the people who deliver UPTIME to you.