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  1. A Message From SDN Communications' CEO
    A letter to customers: SDN’s network was built for times like these. We take great care to build a protected network. And over the past 30 years, you have just come to rely on us. That’s what we call UPTIME.
  2. An increase in remote workers can create issues for companies - We have some advice
    Sending employees home to work can create challenges for employers as well as the staff members. SDN Communications has some advice for businesses to avoid technical challenges.
  3. KELOLAND News: SD businesses expand bandwidth to send more workers home
    KELOLAND News' Angela Kennecke featured SDN Communications customer Plains Commerce Bank Thursday to show how they're gradually moving people from the office to work remotely amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
  4. SDN is dedicated to your UPTIME while keeping employees safe
    UPTIME has never been more important than in these challenging days of coronavirus. SDN is committed to keeping you and all your employees connected.
  5. Jake VanDewater, Ryan Dutton promoted, take on new responsibilities
    SDN Communications is growing its leadership internally and has promoted two experienced telecommunications employees.
  6. ‘Downtown Vernon Brown’s’ professional success fittingly recognized
    It’s not surprising that Vernon Brown is held in high esteem by his peers in the marketing and advertising profession in South Dakota. He’s achieved measurable and impressive success since joining SDN in 2002.
  7. Alliance serves growing Brandon community from new office complex
    The Garretson-based cooperative recently opened a new customer service center in Brandon, which is the biggest community the company serves.
  8. Rural Dell Rapids among five areas to get better internet service
    During the 2020 construction season, Golden West plans to upgrade nearly 500 miles of wiring in exchanges that serve rural Dell Rapids and Trent, Reliance and Lower Brule, Springfield, Hot Springs (phase 2), and Plankinton.
  9. SDN adds chaplain service to benefits available to employees
    John Warden is among the communication experts who roams the corridors at SDN Communications’ two-building headquarters in western Sioux Falls.
  10. Good news: Small businesses are upbeat about the economy
    Here’s some encouraging news to help settle further into 2020: Small businesses appear to be more optimistic than ever.
  11. SDN helps STARBASE students dream big and reach for stars
    STARBASE Sioux Falls pursues a mission that probably is difficult for many teachers and parents to reach: Getting kids excited to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  12. SDN helps Rosenbauer grow its global fire truck business
    The impact of technology deployed and maintained by SDN Communications and an SDN member company, Alliance Communications, reaches far beyond their corporate bases in South Dakota.
  13. Overcoming challenges was a popular blog topic in 2019
    SDN Communications reviews it's top ten read blogs from 2019. Overcoming business challenges, broadband expansion in South Dakota and our 30th Anniversary were the hot topics.
  14. Conquering the Digital Divide
    Hutterite colony life might seem remote. Many perceive that the religious colonies shun modern technology, including the internet, but Hutterites depend on it for economic survival.
  15. Improving customer experience is an ongoing pursuit at SDN
    Company personnel and processes change, and best practices evolve. So communication practices have to be regularly updated and refined to guarantee that customers receive high-level experiences.
  16. 5 Common cyber vulnerabilities and how to protect your business against them
    Employees at nearly all levels play important roles in protecting companies’ critical assets. That’s why responsible businesses train and test their employees, and then repeat the process with updated instructional material.
  17. 3 municipal telecoms in S.D. pursue worthwhile objective
    What do Brookings, Beresford and Faith have in common? They have city-owned telecommunications systems. In fact, they are the only municipalities in South Dakota with their own phone companies.
  18. DSU making headway in getting women into cybersecurity
    Dakota State University is making slow but noteworthy headway in its quest to get more women in college to study cybersecurity and other computer fields. It's a significant but worthwhile challenge.
  19. Looking for a gift for the techy-minded? Perhaps we can help
    I checked Amazon.com and several other online gift sites and product columns to come up with a few other suggested gifts for the techy-minded. Some are practical; some are quirky.
  20. Telemedicine in demand, shows promise in mental health treatment
    Health care organizations have discovered benefits in connecting with patients online for mental health appointments, especially in rural communities.