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  1. Updated portal gives businesses easy access to useful data
    Detailed information in SDN Communications' customer portal gives companies the ability to assess internet usage, analyze secure, data-transmitting techniques, schedule networking tasks, and more.
  2. Interns at SDN Communications build successful careers
    Interns at SDN are entrusted with real work duties across the company. Some stayed with the company in permanent positions. Others have built successful careers elsewhere across the region. We checked in with two to see where they are today.
  3. Prospect of improved connectivity thrills Black Hills residents
    By the end of the 2021 construction season, people who live, work or play in the Nemo, Rochford and Silver City areas should begin experiencing the benefits of a $4.4 million, fiber-extension project that SDN is spearheading.
  4. Enrollment open for telecom degree with 100% job placement
    The broadband industry that makes it possible for you to read this article online needs technical workers, and Mitchell Technical Institute has immediate openings, possibly even full-ride scholarships, for students of any age who are ready to get hired even before graduation.
  5. Black Hills fiber project is hopeful start of something bigger
    State-of-the-art, fiber internet is coming to three communities in the Black Hills, thanks to a $3.3 million federal grant and $1.1 million investment from SDN.
  6. USDA Invests $3 Million in High-Speed Broadband with SDN Communications for Black Hills Communities
    U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced the USDA is investing $3.3 million to provide broadband service in the unserved and underserved Black Hills South Dakota communities of Nemo, Rochford and Silver City.
  7. Stay informed during the pandemic to help fight cybercrime
    Professional and recreational fraudsters alike are busier than ever. They have plenty of time to try to cheat you and your employer out of valuable information and money, and they’re demonstrating creativity in shaping their fraudulent pitches around the dominating subject of the day: COVID-19.
  8. Social surveys, trendy posts can be social engineering risks
    While it's fun to see people showcase the fashion and haircut choices of their senior year days, it's also a reminder of the information hackers can gain by sharing something that is seemingly fun.
  9. Welcome the newest member of SDN’s blogging team
    Please welcome Amy Bennett Smolik to SDN Communications’ blogging team. Amy is joining me as a writer and contracted service provider for SDN. Like me, she’ll assist SDN’s full-time marketing staff, which is led by Vernon Brown, the company’s vice president of marketing and community relations.
  10. Homeworkers must keep their guard up for cyber threats, too
    Conducting business securely from remote offices has placed an added burden on employees and their employers, however. Cyber safety in high-tech communications should never be assumed.
  11. Questions ­- and some answers - about working from home
    For Terri Pepper, the best part of working at home is the extra time she gets to spend with her dogs. Tasks have changed as employers and employees figure out what works best. But there are still questions about working from home.
  12. New to video conferencing? Here are some dos and don’ts
    Chris Aeilts was only half-joking when he boiled down his suggestions for good, video conferencing etiquette to a single, catchy sentence: “Wear pants, prepare for good video, and audio is king,” he said. Then he elaborated on what he meant.
  13. Check it out: Useful information on SDN’s new website is easier to find
    SDN Communications has updated its website, and the results are impressive. Finding fresh information about products, services, telecommunications issues, and the company and its affiliates will be easier for readers.
  14. Alliance Communications cooperative gives customer-owners $8 million in capital credits checks
    This capital credits retirement from Alliance comes at a very crucial time for a lot of their customers—business owners and residents in rural communities in the region.
  15. Old phishing threats have a new Covid-19 theme
    Although people might feel comfortable working from home during the pandemic, they have to remain wary. COVID-19 has given hackers fresh bait for old-fashioned phishing attacks.
  16. 10 tips for protecting yourself from virus-themed scammers
    It didn’t take long for a variety of hucksters, fraudsters and other criminals to start exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic. As the contagious disease spread across the United States in recent weeks, crooks were putting new twists on online scams to steal money.
  17. Home-based working couple sees reasons to be positive
    Julie Clark Lingen and her husband, Brad Lingen, reflect one of the new trends in the Sioux Falls workforce. They both work from a home office, at least for now.
  18. Hackers and regional businesses stepped up their game in 2019
    Cybersecurity experts are following cyber thieves’ actions closer than ever, and companies are improving their protective strategies. Unfortunately, hackers’ have stepped up their game, too, and they don’t have to follow any rules
  19. Welcome to the new world of working at home
    Widespread and fitting concern among businesses over the spread of COVID-19 has created a lot of new, home-based workers. I’m fortunate to know several who work out of home offices. So I asked some of them for suggestions.
  20. A Message From SDN Communications' CEO
    A letter to customers: SDN’s network was built for times like these. We take great care to build a protected network. And over the past 30 years, you have just come to rely on us. That’s what we call UPTIME.