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  1. Businesses, beware: Technology has helped hackers, too
    Twenty-five years ago, hackers needed advanced skills to successfully attack businesses on the internet. Online criminals almost needed the equivalent of a master’s degree or a doctorate to be successful. Today, all they need is motivation.
  2. SD lawmakers consider bill requiring data breach notifications
    South Dakota remains the last state in the nation without data breach reporting protection for citizens, but Attorney General Marty Jackley intends to change that with the help of lawmakers this session.
  3. Future will bring more small cells and better services in region
    People in Brookings, including students, staff and visitors at South Dakota State University, can look forward to improved telecommunications in 2018.
  4. Coming sooner than you might expect: driverless cars
    Companies have been experimenting with driverless cars for decades, and progress is grabbing attention, especially during the past few years. Developers are testing self-driving cars every day on American streets, as companies race toward the consumer marketplace.
  5. Small cell technology helping improve wireless services
    As more people rely on their mobile phones and tablets to stream video and browse the Internet, some wireless carriers are using small cell networks to improve customer service and meet the bandwidth demands of mobile users.
  6. Three ways SDN’s broadband and services impact your life
    Three ways SDN’s broadband and services impact your life