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Three ways SDN’s broadband and services impact your life

Explaining SDN Communications’ products and services is not easy, especially in a limited amount of time or space.

“The challenge of advertising SDN is that it’s a complex business. Getting a message boiled down to 30 seconds can be tough,” Vernon Brown, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, said. “To make it tougher, we don’t sell to consumers, but they are affected by everything we do.”

Indeed. The typical consumer in South Dakota may not realize it but he or she probably uses or benefits from the broadband connectivity and other services that SDN provides to businesses and institutions every day.

SDN’s network or services are likely to come into play somewhere along the line whenever a local consumer sends an email or calls up a website. SDN’s infrastructure even helps transmit wireless calls.

SDN provides background “magic”

SDN has a broadband superhighway that is more than 22,000 miles long. The fiber-optic network crisscrosses South Dakota and reaches into seven other states, connecting companies and organizations with each other and with the world.

The network allows businesses to securely move, share, and securely store information to better serve their customers.

The connectivity that SDN’s pipeline provides is the core from which an array of related products and services has evolved.

A series of new ads help explain SDN’s story and the company’s significance to the regional economy.

SDN considers it important for consumers to know about the company, even if consumers never directly buy anything from SDN, Brown says.

“Behind the scenes, SDN is providing the magic that lets them see how their mortgage moves more efficiently through their bank, or how the SDN video surveillance protects students in school. In the ag sector, SDN even affects what’s available to you in the grocery store,” Brown said.

Ads focus on key industries

The new ads focus on those three, key industries:

Commercials about banking and education have begun to appear on TV; the agricultural segment will begin airing later. Variations of the broadcast ads will also be used in print and online promotion.

The new ads reinforce the message of how SDN works behind the scene to keep high-tech infrastructure up and running, says Mike Hart of Fresh Produce, the advertising agency SDN uses.

All three ads close with a similar spoken line, Hart notes: “Not just anybody needs SDN, but we’re there for anybody who does.”

Banks, for example, can use SDN’s Managed Firewall and Managed Router services to reliably transmit and protect consumer information.

Schools can use SDN’s Managed Video Surveillance service to keep a general watch over doors and the safety of hundreds of students.

The ag industry uses SDN’s broadband in high-tech services to help guide and monitor equipment to minimize planting inputs and maximize crop production.

Technology services play a key, underlying role in nearly every aspect of the economy. But if business executives know their electronic assets are safe, they can spend more time on other duties – or possibly enjoy leisure activities.

The SDN slogan, “Enjoy the Uptime,” stands for more than SDN’s highly-reliable connectivity. Brown says it also means SDN will work hard to fix rare but inevitable network problems when they arise.

SDN’s state-of-the-art telecommunications services come with unparalleled levels of technical support and customer satisfaction. Most of the activity occurs beyond the view of the general public, too.

“Broadband has broad applications in how it affects people in their homes and in their marketplace. I think these commercials are the best that we’ve done in telling that story,” Brown says.

Watch SDN’s new banking and education ads below.