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Topic: Managed DDoS Protection

  1. Small businesses have a target on their cyber back
    Larger companies generally have greater staffing and resources for improving network security. So, hackers increasingly are turning their attention to more vulnerable targets, which in many cases are small and midsize businesses.
  2. Politically motivated or not, DDoS attacks aren’t amusing
    The secretive hacktivist group Anonymous thrust itself into the spotlight recently by announcing plans to disrupt Donald Trump’s campaign and business websites, beginning April 1.
  3. Ted Koppel’s book: an unsettling warning about cyber risk
    The thought of terrorists attacking a power grid is reminiscent of one of those action movies of recent years in which a heroic president or rogue federal agent saves the nation from a small band of smart but bloodthirsty terrorists. The threats discussed in the book are realistic, however.
  4. 7 cybersecurity targets to protect, monitor in 2016
    During the coming year, expect more cyberattacks over an expanding battlefront from attackers with growing sophistication and an increased incentive to succeed. To complicate matters, businesses and other organizations might have to fight the battles shorthanded.
  5. SDN’s CEO identifies 3 areas of major focus for a busy 2016
    The invention of the telephone dates back to the 1870s. Early development of computer networks and the Internet can be traced back to the 1940s. Today, the constantly evolving telecommunications industry is more vibrant than ever.
  6. 4 common business cyber infections and how to prevent them
    Even businesses and organizations that regularly and responsibly increase their network security systems and services have to remain on guard constantly because cyber criminals prey heavily on human error.