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YPN Net Neutrality Panel

SDN's Mark Shlanta was among the local telecommunications leaders, SD PUC Chairman and a representative with US. Sen. John Thune's office who discussed the issue known as 'net neutrality' at a gathering hosted by the Young Professionals Network in Sioux Falls. Read More»

Mark Shlanta, SDN Communications

OSP, a telecommunications trade magazine reaching an international audience, has named SDN Communications CEO Mark Shlanta a Progressive Rural Network Evolutionary. Read More»

Save the Date. And Your Data

Business people in the Sioux City, Iowa, area will get an opportunity on April 30 to see and hear several experts address the timely issue of data protection and related issues in telecommunications. Read More»

Steve Rueschhoff

Steve Rueschhoff works with computer technology every day, and like everyone in the ever-changing field, he’s constantly updating his expertise. Read More»

Data Security

Data breaches have become the No. 1 threat to the well-being of businesses in the United States, according to a national insurance expert. Read More»

SDN's Network Surveillance Center

SDN customer service representatives are available around the clock to contact clients if trouble is evident and to answer calls from customers who have questions or concerns. Read More»

One major American business after another seems to be alerting its customers that cyber hackers have gained unauthorized access to private information. Read More»

Cloud Contact Center

Infographic of the Month

SDN's Cloud Contact Center offers diverse touchpoints for customer-centric engagement. Cloud based customer service is the future of quality customer engagements. Read More»

Cool, new gadgets

Cool, new devices offer the potential for enormous benefits. But the use of new products also raises significant privacy and security concerns. Read More»

Family Visitation Center Room Design

The Family Visitation Center served more than 720 children in 2014 and has more than 30 kids on its waiting list. It would like to be able to serve every child in the community in need of its services. Read More»

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