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The SDN IT Games will give office workers and other business employees in the Sioux Falls region a good reason to stand up, step away from their work stations for few minutes to compete in fun games and help raise money for charity. Read More»

US Capitol

Bipartisan effort aims to improve persistent phone call completion problem plaguing South Dakota, Minnesota Read More»

Jeff Symens, Valley Telecommunications

There are no especially large businesses or colleges in the service area. However, Valley Telecommunications Cooperative’s broadband network is now 100 percent fiber, so the cooperative’s customers enjoy access to high-quality services. Read More»

Election cybersecurity

Several incidents in the recent past have brought to the surface concerns about cybersecurity as it relates to elections. They have demonstrated the need for the nation, as a whole, to make improving cybersecurity a higher priority Read More»

DSU Gen Cyber Camp for Girls

I don’t know whether my Emma will grow up to be a Protector of the Internet. It’s too soon to tell, and she has years of career exploration ahead. But I do know the GenCyber experience, offering an empowering environment to learn about coding, hacking, robots, and more, will give her the confidence to pursue a passion. Read More»

2016 SDN Interns

Members of the 2016 class of interns came from several South Dakota colleges. Dakota State University in Madison, which specializes in computer-technology programs, has the most (five). But SDN offers diverse business opportunities for interns and career-seekers. Read More»

2016 SDN Board of Managers

SDN Communications’ Board of Managers was elected during its recent annual meeting. Board members will serve a one-year term. Read More»

SDN Network Surveillance Center

The NSC is in a secure room on SDN’s main campus in west-central Sioux Falls. At any given time, it is staffed by at least two to four people. Staffers monitor a series of TV-sized screens on the wall and PC-sized screens on their desks. Read More»

Sculpturewalk 2016 SDN Sponsored Eagle

The 2016 edition of SculptureWalk in downtown Sioux Falls features attractions ranging from the whimsical (a flying pig, for example) to the serious and inspirational (such as a kneeling woman with her hands on her head). Read More»

Bitcoin -

The secrecy surrounding the creation of bitcoin is fitting, perhaps, because part of the appeal of the virtual currency is that users can acquire and spend it anonymously. It’s like two strangers making a private transaction with cash. Except bitcoins don’t physically exist. They only exist as electronic transactions. Read More»

Page 1 of 71 Pages