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Cloud Contact Center

Infographic of the Month

SDN's Cloud Contact Center offers diverse touchpoints for customer-centric engagement. Cloud based customer service is the future of quality customer engagements. Read More»

Cool, new gadgets

Cool, new devices offer the potential for enormous benefits. But the use of new products also raises significant privacy and security concerns. Read More»

Family Visitation Center Room Design

The Family Visitation Center served more than 720 children in 2014 and has more than 30 kids on its waiting list. It would like to be able to serve every child in the community in need of its services. Read More»

Sioux Falls-based SDN Communications is pleased to have an important role in updating the 911 emergency communications network in South Dakota. Read More»

STARBASE program gives kids an educational boost

Starbase - South Dakota

Fifth-graders who participate in the STARBASE educational program learn about Newton’s laws of motion and other scientific principles in exciting ways. Read More»

FCC Net Neutrality Vote

A much-anticipated vote over proposed Internet regulation came and went recently, but there is no resolution in sight to the high-tech controversy. Read More»

Sioux Valley Wireless

Some details remain to be worked out, but a transition team is working to smoothly integrate Sioux Valley Wireless into SDN Communications. Read More»


The most common password – and therefore the worst one of the year – was “123456,” according to Read More»

Highly charged debate at the federal level over proposed regulation of the Internet has reached a significant junction, but nothing is likely to be resolved soon. Read More»

Rod Bowar - Kennebec Telephone Company Inc.

Kennebec Telephone Co. Inc. is one of the smallest phone companies in South Dakota. It’s also the most diverse. Read More»

Page 1 of 74 Pages