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The Sioux Falls School District will begin the third year of its Student Technology Initiative in September with more broadband power than ever. Education officials determined last school year that middle schools, in particular, needed more Internet connection speed, and they will get it. Read More»


Interest is running high in a cybersecurity camp designed for girls that will be held at Dakota State University. Read More»

Bryan Roth, TrioTel Communications

Although TrioTel Communications Inc. serves a relatively small market in South Dakota farm country, its customers enjoy a level of connectivity that companies serving some of the largest cities in the United States cannot beat. Read More»

SDN Data Center

The soaring volume of electronic information moving through traditional corporate data centers and the mysterious-sounding network of off-site centers known as “the cloud” has gotten difficult to comprehend. Read More»

Emergency Dispatchers

Handling emergency calls can present life-or-death tests of a person’s ability to communicate quickly and effectively. Not everyone can handle the multitasking associated with being a 911 dispatcher. Read More»

GIG Service - Drinking From A Fire Hose

Internet providers, including some that serve the Upper Midwest, have been promoting the availability of 1 gigabit service for their residential customers. But do you really need it? Read More»

Now that data breaches have become common, cybersecurity is growing into a booming business.A few innovative companies are emerging as the growing, international leaders in providing the equipment and expertise to help businesses protect electronic information. Fortinet Inc. is one of them. Read More»

Finding good employees is a constant challenge. One good way to combat the problem is to hire promising interns and groom them into full-time employees. SDN Communications is among the companies that has been making greater use of its internship program in recent years. Read More»

SDN Communications gives businesses a great choice of companies that provide telecommunications products. In addition to its relationship with Cisco Systems, SDN partners with Mitel Networks, which is also a global giant in the telecommunications industry. Read More»

SDN Communications starts with

At SDN Communications, 'Enjoy the Uptime' is more than a slogan. Providing uptime for businesses is the bottom line. Read More»

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