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Cash for Classrooms

SDN Communications has a special interest in helping education. The company’s support of the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation is among the evidence documenting SDN’s strong belief in the importance of good schools. Read More»

Mark Shlanta, SDN Communications CEO

SDN Communications CEO Mark Shlanta will testify to that as an invited guest of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee field hearing Sept. 3 at Dakota State University in Madison. Read More»

SDN Receives ESGR Award

SDN Communications accepts an Above and Beyond Award in recognition of extraordinary support of its employees serving in the South Dakota Guard and Reserve. Read More»

Telephone 101 with Dean Putnam

Alexander Graham Bell, who’s widely credited with inventing the telephone, spoke his most famous words in the spring of 1876, more than three months before the infamous Battle of the Little Horn. Read More»

Smart Farm Technologies

The spread of fiber optic connectivity is making farms and ranches in rural South Dakota smarter than ever. Advancements in broadband technology allow farmers to remotely monitor how much grain is in a bin, for example, or check on how much water remains in a livestock tank. Read More»

Burstable Internet by SDN Communications

In recent months, Burstable Internet has moved from the back shelf to the front line of high-tech services that SDN Communications offers. Read More»


These are exciting times for gadget geeks. All sorts of new gizmos are entering the market. One that’s been getting quite a bit of attention is the JIBO, which is being promoted as a social robot for home use. It’s a connected device about the size of a coffee pot with a swiveling top that makes it capable of following action and taking photos and videos. Read More»

Student connectivity; E-Rate Funding

The growing importance of the Internet to education steadily has increased the need for bandwidth at schools and libraries. Making sure that students can tap into the bandwidth is a more recent challenge. Read More»

Infographic of the month: Women In Technology

Infographic of the month

The need for women to enter the technology and telecom fields in the near future is crucial. Take a look at the current state of the industry as it relates to women choosing the fields. Read More»

Mobile Devices

You know the feeling. You’re at a crowded venue trying to text a friend, send a photo or simply pull up a web page. All you get is the eternal spinning wheel. Nothing goes through. Even with an unlimited data package, if the data network is maxed out by users, no one connects. Read More»

Page 1 of 79 Pages