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Sioux Valley Wireless

Some details remain to be worked out, but a transition team is working to smoothly integrate Sioux Valley Wireless into SDN Communications. Read More»


The most common password – and therefore the worst one of the year – was “123456,” according to Read More»

Highly charged debate at the federal level over proposed regulation of the Internet has reached a significant junction, but nothing is likely to be resolved soon. Read More»

Rod Bowar - Kennebec Telephone Company Inc.

Kennebec Telephone Co. Inc. is one of the smallest phone companies in South Dakota. It’s also the most diverse. Read More»

A Contact Center to Help Business Standout

Although small companies might only have a few people in their customer-service departments, advances in technology make it possible for their employees to have access to the same communications tools as their counterparts in big call centers. Read More»

Dean Putnam, SDN Communications

The tools of technology used in business communication constantly evolve and get better, but the underlying principles remain basically the same, says Dean Putnam, who has worked in the front lines of the industry for 18 years. Read More»

5 key benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center Benefits

Recent advances in technology have changed the way call centers operate. Cloud-based services have become an attractive and popular option for businesses with call center needs. Read More»

Feeding SD Backpack Program

Feeding South Dakota addresses the challenge of hunger by providing food to people across the state. The organization depends on donations from companies and individuals to pursue its mission. Read More»

SDN Ethernet

Ethernet technology has grown through the years to become a highly popular, industry standard in electronic communications. Read More»

Cybersecurity, It's what we do

Heartbleed and Shellshock were serious cyber threats to private information in hundreds of thousands of servers and online accounts. Anyone who uses the Internet could have exposed passwords and other private information to cyber thieves controlling the bugs. Read More»

Page 1 of 74 Pages