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Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting the Edge

Firewalls have big jobs, and their duties are getting bigger all the time because of the rising frequency and sophistication of attacks. Read More»

SDN New Employee Mentoring

Sioux Falls-based SDN’s new mentorship program is designed to connect new staff members with established colleagues outside their department. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Training Employees

Employees are many companies’ greatest asset. In most cases, the workforce is also the most vulnerable layer of an organization’s network. Read More»

Avera eCARE

A person seeking medical attention occasionally wanders into the Avera eCARE center in the industrial area of northern Sioux Falls. It’s an understandable mistake. While Avera eCARE professionals provide world-class medical services, they only serve patients remotely. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Starts at the top

Implementing good cybersecurity is no longer a responsibility that company executives or board members can assign to the IT staff or an outside provider, and then ignore. For most organizations, there’s too much at stake. Read More»

Charities will be the real winners in SDN IT Games

IT Games Charities

Participants in the SDN IT Games are playing for more than fun and bragging rights. The winners of three competitions get to pick which charitable organization gets a nice financial contribution. Read More»

Cybersecurity - The layered approach

To adequately protect themselves, businesses and other organizations need to take a layered approach to cybersecurity. They have to have good policies in place, maintain good security equipment at every juncture and take extra precautions with their most vulnerable asset: their employees. Read More»

The SDN IT Games will give office workers and other business employees in the Sioux Falls region a good reason to stand up, step away from their work stations for few minutes to compete in fun games and help raise money for charity. Read More»

US Capitol

Bipartisan effort aims to improve persistent phone call completion problem plaguing South Dakota, Minnesota Read More»

Jeff Symens, Valley Telecommunications

There are no especially large businesses or colleges in the service area. However, Valley Telecommunications Cooperative’s broadband network is now 100 percent fiber, so the cooperative’s customers enjoy access to high-quality services. Read More»

Page 1 of 71 Pages