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SDN Broadband Network in Southern Minnesota

Businesses in southern Minnesota stand to benefit significantly from SDN Communications’ experience in building and operating an advanced broadband network in South Dakota.Now, a new partnership with seven more independent telephone companies has extended the network to the east. Read More»

Our most read blogs of 2015

SDN's top blogs of 2015

Take a look at the top 10 most viewed articles written by our blogger, Rob Swenson, in 2015. Then share your ideas with us for blogs in 2016. Read More»

Fortinet FortiGate Vulnerability Secured

This week news came out that security researchers released code to exploit a known and previously patched vulnerability in the FortiOS software for Foritnet FortiGates. Although alarming, if you’re an SDN Managed Firewall customer you can rest assured you have nothing to worry about. Read More»

Cybersecurity targets

During the coming year, expect more cyberattacks over an expanding battlefront from attackers with growing sophistication and an increased incentive to succeed. To complicate matters, businesses and other organizations might have to fight the battles shorthanded. Read More»

SUE the T-Rex in Faith, SD

The small town of Faith might be best known as the former home of SUE, the Tyrannosaurus rex. A fossil hunter discovered the creature's skeletal remains near the community in 1990. Catherine Bach, the actress who played Daisy Duke in the TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard,” also spent part of her youth in the area. Read More»

South Dakota Legislature to tackle telecommunications issues

Telecommunications issues could be among the important ones South Dakota lawmakers face during the 2016 Legislature. Read More»

Gadgets for the techie

Some of the new and emerging gadgets being promoted now probably will have a life span shorter than a QR Code. Still, gadgets are a lot of fun to check out. Read More»

SDN Projects for 2016

The invention of the telephone dates back to the 1870s. Early development of computer networks and the Internet can be traced back to the 1940s. Today, the constantly evolving telecommunications industry is more vibrant than ever. Read More»

SDN Communications Extends into Southern Minnesota

Within a few months, direct access to SDN Communications’ fiber optic network and services will reach more deeply beyond South Dakota’s eastern border and loop around the entire southern third of Minnesota. Read More»


Business and civic leaders are more than a third of the way to raising $15.5 million. That's the goal for the next phase of the highly successful Forward Sioux Falls program. Read More»

Page 1 of 82 Pages