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Kelly Wiese - SDN PMO

In early 2014 SDN created a Project Management Office to coordinate its in-house efforts. ”What we’ve learned in 18 months is that it breaks down silos within departments and gives us visibility to projects going on in the company,” says Vernon Brown. Read More»

Infographic of the month: DDoS attacks

Infographic of the Month

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a type of targeted cyber-attack. DDoS attacks attempt to make your online services unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources Read More»

SD Atty. General Marty Jackley with Frank Abagnale, Courtesy AARP SD

His youthful exploits as a con man and check forger made Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. famous. His life was dramatized in the 2002 hit movie “Catch Me If You Can,” which was inspired by a popular book he co-authored. Abagnale is now working with AARP and recently offered advice during a presentation in Sioux Falls. Read More»

Employee health is valued asset at SDN Communications

Team SDN - Mark Shlanta Runs Sioux Falls Half Marathon

SDN encourages its employees to be active and healthy and not just with verbal encouragement. In addition to hosting wellness presentations and competitions for employees, the company offers its workers cash incentives for good health practices. Read More»

Networking 101 with Dean Putnam

Understanding technology is like eating an elephant. You just have to take one bite (byte?) at a time. With that advice in mind, here are nine rather random but lasting tidbits I took away from Dean Putnam's Networking 101 presentation. Read More»

Mark Benton, Midstate Communications

Community service is encouraged by example rather than by mandate at Midstate Communications in Kimball, S.D. Read More»

US Senate Commerce Committee Field Hearing

In a 2014 report, the U.S. intelligence community listed cyberattacks as the top risk to the nation’s security. Cyber risks were ranked as an even greater threat than terrorism or transnational organized crime. Read More»

In just the past year, SDN Communications investigated 4,500 cybersecurity threats to its business and institutional clients. Each threat involved anywhere from a single to several thousand attacks. Read More»

Cash for Classrooms

SDN Communications has a special interest in helping education. The company’s support of the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation is among the evidence documenting SDN’s strong belief in the importance of good schools. Read More»

Mark Shlanta, SDN Communications CEO

SDN Communications CEO Mark Shlanta will testify to that as an invited guest of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee field hearing Sept. 3 at Dakota State University in Madison. Read More»

Page 1 of 79 Pages