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Melanie Sage

Melanie Sage brings vast and valuable experience to her new role as a wholesale account executive with SDN Communications. She has 13 years of prior experience with SDN in other positions and five years in sales jobs with other companies. Read More»

Ransomware warning from the FBI

With good reason, this blog has focused a lot of attention in recent months on ransomware, a form of cyberattack been increasing at a rate that is almost alarming. Last year, cybersecurity forensics experts discovered approximately 100 families of ransomware. Read More»

Drone, automatic grill cleaner and other high-tech gifts

2016 Tech Gadget Gifts

High-tech products in the development stage include mobile TV screens that people could roll up and carry like a newspaper. Then, at their leisure, they could spread out the screen and turn it on. That sounds fun and convenient. Read More»

Golden West - 100 Years in telecommunications

Golden West has been a significant factor in the telecommunications business in South Dakota for a 100 eventful years, and the Wall-based company keeps preparing for the future. Read More»

Avoiding Hackers, Data Breach Essentials

If you’re in business, hackers have probably breached your organization’s computer network at some level. Company leaders might not be aware of the intrusion yet, but they will discover it eventually. Read More»

Email Scam Warning from the FBI

The FBI tracks scams in a category called Business Email Compromise. In the 18 months immediately after January 2015 BEC scams cost more than 21,100 domestic and international victims approximately $3.1 billion. Read More»

Keys for Encryption

Encryption is the process of converting data into computer coding that cannot be easily deciphered by unauthorized users. However, users with the password or online key can convert the mathematical algorithm back to readable data. Read More»

Libraries & E-Rate funds

Overall, K-12 schools in South Dakota appear to be taking good advantage of subsidies available through the E-Rate Program, but public libraries seem to under-use the assistance. That might be a reflection of program awareness. Read More»

Infographic Of The Month: Phishing Emails

Infographic of the Month

Don't get hooked! Be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs of a phishing email, before you click! Following these basic steps can help protect your company and customers. Read More»

Sizing Up the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

NIST Blog - Taking Measure

Those of us who work for small businesses regularly perform duties outside our job description. I’ve experienced the “all hands on deck” approach that drives the day-to-day operations of many small and midsize businesses. This approach fittingly applies to cybersecurity, which is no longer a responsibility that can or should be solely reserved for IT. Read More»

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