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The impact of technology deployed and maintained by SDN Communications and an SDN member company, Alliance Communications, reaches far beyond their corporate bases in South Dakota. Read More»

Overcoming challenges was a popular blog topic in 2019

SDN Communications reviews it's top ten read blogs from 2019. Overcoming business challenges, broadband expansion in South Dakota and our 30th Anniversary were the hot topics. Read More»

Conquering the Digital Divide

From Hutterite Colonies to small towns and even the edge of town, South Dakota still have broadband internet needs. James Valley Telecommunications is just one of the companies working to bridge the digital divide. Read More»

Phone Best Practices booklet

SDN Communications is a haven of high-tech expertise. The staff of the Sioux Falls-based company includes dozens of experienced experts in broadband connectivity and computer networking. Softer skills, such as great customer service, also are highly valued by SDN. Read More»

keeping networks safe

Threats change. So, to be effective, training must be constantly updated, too. Two of our experts share five possible vulnerabilities that cyber thieves commonly exploit along with suggestions to combat them. Read More»

3 municipal telecoms in S.D. pursue worthwhile objective

City of Beresford sign, Faith Sign & Brookings SDSU Campanile

At first glance, the South Dakota communities of Brookings, Beresford and Faith don’t seem to have much in common. Read More»

DSU making headway in getting women into cybersecurity

Woman working on cyber coding on computer

Dakota State University is making slow but noteworthy headway in its quest to get more women in college to study cybersecurity and other computer fields. Read More»

woman relaxing stress-free

Health care organizations are recognizing a benefit in connecting with patients online for mental health appointments, especially in rural communities. Read More»

Christmas present sitting on a laptop computer

I checked and several other online gift sites and product columns to come up with a few other suggested gifts for the techy-minded. Some are practical; some are quirky. Read More»

Venture new fiber going in

Filling a gap in broadband coverage near the state capital of South Dakota might carry symbolic value. However, the real winners in an infrastructure build-out made possible by a state grant will be hundreds of people who live or work in a rural area north and east of Pierre. Read More»

Page 1 of 42 Pages