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Venture new fiber going in

Filling a gap in broadband coverage near the state capital of South Dakota might carry symbolic value. However, the real winners in an infrastructure build-out made possible by a state grant will be hundreds of people who live or work in a rural area north and east of Pierre. Read More»

taking blood pressure

To encourage wellness in its workforce, SDN Communications gives employees the opportunity to earn bonuses through voluntary, annual health screenings. Read More»

snow-covered car driving in snow storm

Victims of almost any type of disaster face one common risk: the possibility that they will lose or suffer a disruption of a technological service, such as electrical power or a computer network. Read More»

Hybrid SD-WAN configuration graphic

SD-WAN service can simplify network administration, consolidate infrastructure, centralize control of resources, and provide flexible topology, which in computer-talk refers to the size and shape of a network. Read More»

SD Hall of Fame Telecommunications Exhibit

The history of the telecommunications industry in South Dakota is currently one of the featured exhibits in the South Dakota Hall of Fame in Chamberlain. Read More»

STEM Day: A little known holiday that deserves attention

STEM graphic - Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Every day of the year is designated for some kind of holiday or special observation at the local, state, national or international level. November 8th is STEM/STEAM Day. Read More»

United Way Campaign - easy way to do good

SDN Communications and Five Star Call Centers had a friendly competition to help raise money for the Sioux Empire United Way, a community impact organization that strives to improve lives. Five Star won the contest, but the two companies agree that the United Way was the real winner. Read More»

Member BCDR Tabletop Exercise

Developing a good, emergency management plan is critical to the survival and future well-being of businesses of all sizes. But a plan is worthless if it isn’t updated regularly... Read More»

2019 BBB Cybersecurity Event Q&A Panel

Shutting down your computer system isn’t a realistic solution to protecting businesses against fraudulent emails. Instead, businesses must find other ways to keep email scams from deceiving employees. Read More»

Cooperative businesses - by the community for the community

The locally focused, grass-roots nature of co-ops is celebrated throughout October, which is National Co-op Month in the United States. The theme is “Co-ops: By the Community, For the Community.” Twelve of the 17 telecommunications companies in South Dakota that own SDN Communications are cooperatives. Read More»

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