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SDTA SD Broadband Report

Until now, telecommunications companies that serve rural South Dakota have had trouble documenting their beliefs that rural residents of the state generally enjoy better broadband services than their peers across the United States. Read More»

SD Broadband Report

Rural South Dakotans have greater access to wired broadband telecommunications services than many of their counterparts across the country, according to a new report released by the South Dakota Dashboard and the South Dakota Telecommunications Association. Read More»

Phishing & Sharks

Cybersecurity is serious business. The consequences of a successful attack on an organization’s network can be enormous. That doesn’t mean training staff members to reduce cyber risks has to be grim or boring. Read More»

A-OX Explosion

Businesses and other organizations have had to step up their defenses, including planning, to reduce the risks of being victimized. Read More»

Boy Scouts of America

The Sioux Council of the Boy Scouts of America plans to raise nearly $1.6 million to improve scouting facilities at its regional center in Sioux Falls and SDN will play a role in making it happen. Read More»

Hackers using Multi-vector DDoS attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become more sophisticated, which is forcing businesses in the region to deploy more advanced defensive strategies. Read More»

Mark Shlanta - 1998 - SDN Communications

Twenty years atop any organization might age a lesser CEO. Not Mark Shlanta. His hair might be grayer, and he shaved off the mustache, but his steady hand and outlook has changed little in two decades. Read More»

SDN Data Center

Data centers are among the key industries in the Sioux Falls area with growth potential. And there are many advantages of doing business in the community. Read More»

Pipestone High School Internet Connectivity

SDN Communications' crews are digging away, steadily expanding and improving the company’s regional, fiber optic footprint. Read More»

Lenee McQueen, Mary Pfaff, Major Accounts Service Coordinators

SDN now has two staffers readily available to assist clients with large and often complex businesses or institutional networks: Lenee McQueen and Mary Pfaff Read More»

Page 1 of 68 Pages