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County Commission Data Center Tour

The 25,000-square-foot, bunker-like Data Center just northwest of Sioux Falls provides secure space for servers and other equipment so that SDN and some of its clients can back up their valuable electronic information. Read More»

Elev8 Leadership Training Rock Climbing

Companies that provide leadership training can benefit from increased employee loyalty and reduced turnover. Providing training can also help companies identify possible problem areas developing within the organization. Read More»

7 ways to ruin an Internet scammer's day

Warning about phishing schemes

Recently, while navigating the internet, an SDN customer received what appeared to be a security window pop-up that encouraged the customer to call an 800 number because his system might have been compromised. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks can come from across town or around the world. Victims can’t always pinpoint who’s to blame. Regardless of where the attacks are coming from, businesses have to defend themselves and do it well. Their best option is to take a layered approach to cybersecurity. Read More»

Managed Services

Supplemental benefits, though less obvious, offer a significant amount of value to a company’s managed services. Activity logs and performance reports, for example, can provide useful, in-depth information about network traffic, which can help companies improve their objectives, policies and procedures. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting Workstations

Deploying an effectively layered cyber defense means that every point of access in an organization’s network must be strongly protected. That includes workstations. All of them. Read More»

RC Technologies - Scott Bostrom

RC Technologies is a big economic force in small town. The telecommunications cooperative is the largest employer in New Effington, a community of fewer than 250 residents in northeastern South Dakota. Read More»

Infographic of the month: Layered Security

Infographic of the Month

Layered Security: An approach to securing your network against malicious attacks. Read More»

Networks must be protected inside the perimeter, too

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting the Network

Providing good cybersecurity requires an acknowledgement that protecting the edge of a network well is no longer enough. Read More»

Hawthorne Elementary Thank You

Seventy third-graders at Hawthorne Elementary School in Sioux Falls were at risk of missing out on a field trip to the Washington Pavilion last spring. Many couldn’t come up with the $2.50 they each needed for the outing. Read More»

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