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Latest Cyber Threat Report offers good news and pandemic perspective

The good news?

After a rapidly increasing number of cyberattacks during the first half of 2021, attacks were down over 10% for the year from 2020, which was the worst year on record for cyberattacks.

The bad news?

The number of cyberattacks is still on an upward trend, with cyber attackers changing methods and targeting new industries. Even if we rule out the outlier year of 2020, attacks have almost doubled from 2019 and more than tripled from 2018.

Cyberattackers are innovating and adapting their techniques to strengthen their efforts and ensure their biggest payday (raking in $9 million in one attack alone in 2021).

The shift in attacks (mostly gaining sensitive information from vulnerable systems) focuses on remote workers and industries that haven’t been in attackers’ crosshairs before, including software publishers and computer manufacturing.

The good news again?

You can stop potential attacks on your business by investing in cybersecurity, and you can learn its importance by reading SDN Communications’ latest “Cyber Threat Landscape” Report, which highlights the latest trends and risks seen for businesses large and small.

The network security report, released every six months by SDN, examines trends in cybersecurity, mined from SDN’s Managed DDoS Protection service and Managed Firewall service.

Companies need thorough protection services and firewalls, actively managed and carefully monitored. Cyber protection cannot be added and forgotten.

Visit the Cyber Threat Landscape Report Archive for full access to all of our reports.