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Managed Routers

Need someone to help manage your routers? SDN can help.

  • Circuit installation
  • Perform IOS software upgrades in the future as needed
  • Facilitate performance management, fault identification and resolution
  • Help with billing, reporting, service additions, service removals, and change functions

SDN can help with any level of IT needs your company may have. Just ask.

3 Questions to Ask When Considering Managed Router Services

Q: What kinds of cost benefits are there in a Managed Router service?

A: The initial budget for the outlay of equipment on a large network deployment can definitely be an issue -- or something that wasn't factored in -- so with the SDN Communications Managed Router product, that will allow you to put that expense over a longer term contract that you can easily budget for and factor in, instead of one large, unexpected cost to the company up front. Along with those costs, SDN will cover all the SmartNet agreements, the maintenance through the vendor, and it would also ensure that SDN has hardware replacements on the shelf so you don't have to purchase individually or right up front. That's all covered--over the term of the contract.


Q: How will it help with my staff/time?

A: At SDN we know that you probably already have the expertise within your existing staff, but your staff may be overwhelmed with existing projects. With the managed router service offering, SDN can assist you, generally remotely, to help with the installation of the routers. We're also available to help troubleshoot and help design your network if your staff doesn't have the time to -- even if they have the skill-set to do it, but no time. Also, we can arrange, if it works better, to have SDN staff go on site and do the installation, if you don't have the staff available to accomplish that.


Q: I'm considering Managed Services, but how do I know if my in-house staff has the network expertise to do it?

A: With the wide area products and deployments that you may be accruing with a Managed Router, that typically isn't a project that is done on a regular basis, so you may not have staff that has the skill-set to deploy a wide area network and ensure that it is designed and operating properly. You may have the staff onboard for PC, server or application support, but when it comes to the network world—being that adds/moves/changes aren't done on a really re-occurring basis— SDN has that staff that is strong on the network side. For the managed router service offering, we can give you that expertise to ensure that your network gets deployed correctly and so it operates at its best.