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July 17, 2013 proclaimed Mark Shlanta Day at SDN

At SDN Communications, we celebrate our people, accomplishments and milestones. And today is a big day for CEO Mark Shlanta. Fifteen years ago, he joined the company and two years later would become its leader.

To honor his milestone, the President of SDN's Board of Managers has proclaimed today Mark Shlanta Day. We've shared the proclamation below.

Congratulations Mark!

Executive Proclamation
SDN Communications
Board of Managers

Whereas, Mark Shlanta started at South Dakota Network on July 17, 1998 as Director of Technical Planning and Operations and was promoted to SDN’s Chief Executive Officer on July 1, 2000; and,

Whereas, During his leadership, South Dakota Network became SDN Communications and advanced from a little-known company to the broadband market leader; and,

Whereas, The 22,000-mile network grew beyond South Dakota to reach into eight states; and,

Whereas, SDN’s annual revenues have grown by 92 percent in his tenure; and,

Whereas, SDN has gone from 14 to almost 150 employees, and increased productivity as evidenced by the company’s revenue per employee; and,

Whereas, his leadership returns almost significant revenue annually to the SDN Member Companies; and,

Whereas, Mark has voluntarily humiliated himself by dressing as a cheerleader, wearing Harley leather, singing Barry Manilow’s Copacabana karaoke-style, or sinking into a dunk tank, all in an effort to encourage employees giving back to the community through United Way; and,

Whereas, Mark has a good sense of humor when the Board of Managers gives him grief for his lack of brevity; and,

Whereas, Decision makers in the telecom industry, state of South Dakota, and the city of Sioux Falls recognize Mr. Shlanta as a leader; and,

Whereas, The above mentioned appreciate his volunteerism for economic development, character building of children through Boys Scout of America, Junior Achievement and his church; and,

Whereas, Mark is a loving husband and father; and,

Whereas, his golf game has barely improved in all these years; and it is fitting and proper for the SDN Board of Managers to make certain such an occasion does not go unheralded:

Now, Therefore, I, Bryan K. Roth, President of the SDN Board of Managers, do hereby proclaim his 15th anniversary at SDN, July 17, 2013, as

Mark Shlanta Day

at SDN Communications and join the rest of the Board of Managers and SDN employees in thanking him for his service.


Bryan K. Roth, President, SDN Board of Managers