Ryan Dutton

Meet Ryan
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Ryan Dutton has deep roots in the rural telecom industry, having grown up working summers during his high school years for a rural Internet Service Provider in southern Minnesota. This early exposure to the challenges and opportunities of providing connectivity in rural areas laid the foundation for his successful career in the industry.

After serving as the director of marketing for a rural ISP, Ryan joined a rural telecom consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Nearly 8 years ago, he brought his expertise to SDN Communications, where he started as an account executive. Today, Ryan is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SDN, leveraging his extensive experience in telecom to help drive the company's growth and success.”

He and the SDN sales and marketing teams are obsessive about staying in front of customers and prospects, especially businesses and organizations with multiple locations that need highly dependable, high-performance connectivity, he said.

Dutton is well known in the telecommunications industry and has extensive national experience and connections.

“We’re able to provide additional value to businesses with our extensive fiber-optic network and with our relationships with rural broadband providers in the Midwest and throughout the nation. A lot of companies can provide a quote for bandwidth and managed services; at SDN we partner with our customers to provide a long-term strategy for connectivity, bandwidth and cybersecurity.” Dutton said.

Dutton and his wife, Arlette, have three children. Arlette is the chief financial officer at BEVCOMM.

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