Who We Are: Board of Managers

SDN Communications is governed by nine board members. These individuals live in different areas of South Dakota and help run the independent, family and tribal-owned telephone companies.

SDN’s current board of managers includes:

SDN Communications - Bryan Roth President

Bryan Roth


TrioTel Communications
Salem, SD.

SDN Communications - Randy Houdek Secretary/Treasurer

Randy Houdek


Venture Communications
Highmore, SD

SDN Communications - Mark Benton

Mark Benton

Midstate Communications
Kimball, SD

SDN Communications - Rod Bowar

Rod Bowar

Kennebec Telephone
Kennebec, SD

SDN Communications - Jerry Heiberger

Jerry Heiberger

Clear Lake, SD

SDN Communications - Dennis Law

Dennis Law

Golden West Telecommunications
Wall, SD

SDN Communications - Steve Meyer

Steve Meyer

Brookings, SD

SDN Communications - Ross Petrick

Ross Petrick

Alliance Communications
Garretson, SD

SDN Communications - Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson

Woonsocket, SD