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UPTIME is more than network availability

Uptime is about protecting your business data and eliminating the attacks that could take your network down.

That’s why SDN offers managed router, DDoS protection and firewall.

Get reliable network security for a fixed, monthly cost.

What are the benefits of SDN managed services?

Experts design and engineer your network

Specialists install and configure equipment

SDN supplies hardware with backups ready

Team members available 24x7x365

SDN portal offers monitoring and alerts

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  1. Managed Firewall For Business
    SDN's Managed Firewall Service monitors and defends networks from malware, attacks and data loss.
    SDN's Managed Router Service is an integral part of connecting businesses with multiple locations. It's designed to allow sites to communicate with each other and exchange critical business data.
  3. Managed DDoS Protection
    SDN’s Managed DDoS Protection service monitors, reports and offers optional mitigation for Distributed Denial of Service attacks that can disrupt critical business services.