The SDN Communications Data Center

Secure. Fortified. Reliable.

Here comes Pod 2! Our data center is expanding.

The SDN Communications Data Center offers a hardened building that serves as a switch site location, co-location facility, data center, disaster recovery site, and point of presence.

First opened in 2012, the existing multi-million-dollar facility is an emergency backup for SDN's 50,000-mile fiber network, which supports critical business, government data operations and the networks of SDN's 17 owner companies.

SDN's engineers researched climate conditions and worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to choose the best location based on historic weather patterns.

Now, we're doubling its size and seeking tenants for Pod 2.

Built with the same structural integrity as Pod 1, it will have even more floor space and can be built to suit your needs.

Features tenants can leverage:

  • Diverse access to metro, statewide and regional fiber networks
  • Direct access to popular content delivery networks
  • Access to Tier 1 network providers
  • Diverse access to metro, statewide and regional fiber networks

The building has a biometric security system and dual authentication control systems for access. The stringent, multi-layered security control procedures ensure only approved individuals can access the data center. The building has absolutely no windows.


Rated to withstand 200 mph winds and an EF4 tornado, the entire facility is built with 12" thick pre-cast concrete walls. Inside, temperature and humidity controls regulate the environment. Plus, specialized dry agent fire suppression and smoke detection systems will promptly take over, if needed, to protect equipment, systems and data.


Powered by diverse utility feeds, including a power provider that's different from much of Sioux Falls, the data center also has a 2 MW generator for AC power backup. A rectifier system with multiple EnerSysGU-45 battery strings offers hours of DC power.

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Businesses interested in space in the SDN Communications Data Center can request a tour of the existing facility. Please fill out all fields below and let us know more about how the building will fit your needs. All requests will be assessed before scheduling.

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