Cybersecurity Posters v.5

Free Cybersecurity Posters

As the work environment changes and hackers adapt with them, it's important to help employees understand the cyber threats targeting them and how to protect themself and your business.

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VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is a private network that uses public networks to connect remote users and sites securely. This poster explains why they should be used and what to look for in a VPN.

The Weaponization of Social Media

Hackers use the internet and social media as a weapon for financial gain and to cause chaos. This poster explains how to stay safe among fake personas and bots working to steal your information.

The Future of Business Technology

Advancements in technology have led to an increase in the use of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and many collaborative platforms. But it's important to secure your IoT devices to prevent a hacker from taking control.