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Internet Speeds

Organizations today are generating more data in a single day than the entire Internet did in the year 2000.

To keep up with the increasing data loads, businesses need larger and faster Internet connections. SDN offers Internet service that is scalable, dedicated and symmetrical, ensuring that your business can handle mountains of data with ease.

Are you unsure what speed connection is right for your business? Are you curious about the difference between a T1 and an OC48? Take a look at the comparison chart below.





1.544 Mbps

The T1 revolutionized the internet for businesses. It allowed dedicated connections and reliable upload and download speeds.

DS3 (also known as a T3)

44.736 Mbps

The DS3 is 2,798% faster than the T1.


Carrier and Wholesale Connection Speeds

OC3 (OC=optical carrier)


155.52 Mbps


9,973% faster than a T1, an OC3 connection allows businesses to process information at incredible rates. OC speeds are ideal for voice, video, and disaster recovery.


622.08 Mbps

40,191% faster than a T1. At this level, speeds are only limited by end point equipment.


2.488 Gbps


With multiple strands of fiber combined (equivalent to 48 T3 lines), an OC48 is 161,040% faster than a T1. Speeds at this level (and beyond) are perfect for wireless carries and wholesale customers.


9.6 Gbps

647,569% faster than a T1

SDN also offers Ethernet-based Internet connections.

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