What We Do: Broadband Internet

SDN Fiber Network

So, what makes SDN’s internet better?

We take network connections seriously to provide you reliable, powerful internet for your business.

Our engineers designed a redundant, protected network by connecting to multiple Tier 1 backbone providers. Our Metro & Long-Haul ethernet transports voice, video and data traffic via large internet pipes. It's also:

Scalable: Increase or decrease bandwidth in 5 Mbps increments between 10 Mbps – 100 Gbps +.

Dedicated: You don’t share your bandwidth with anyone. Your traffic always takes priority.

Symmetrical: Upload speeds match download speeds. Take our SPEED TEST to see how your network’s currently performing.


  • 1.5 Mbps (full T1 service)
  • 5 Mbps – 45 Mbps (DS3 service)
  • 45 Mbps +(DS3 – OCn service)
  • 1 Gbps+ (OCn service)

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Burstable: Burstable Internet billing is a method of measuring bandwidth based on peak use that allows usage to exceed a specific threshold for brief periods of time without financial penalty.

Connected to the Cloud: Our Cloud Exchange Service powered by Equinix® gives businesses with virtual data centers and other cloud services private, secure, direct access to today’s leading cloud service providers. Increase your data’s throughput to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others by eliminating bottlenecks found in traditional cloud access.

In addition to unparalleled availability, unparalleled service comes standard. SDN customers have access to

  • Web-based bandwidth utilization reports
  • An experienced Network Operations Center with 24x7 live support
  • Additional industry-leading tools.

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