UPTIME University, Events: Rise of Ransomware

The Rise of Ransomware

The headlines and recent statistics are alarming, ransomware scams are on the rise.

These attacks involve malware that locks businesses or individuals out of their computers or servers and demands a ransom. If you don’t pay, it warns your data will be destroyed.

SDN Communications wants to make sure you don’t become a victim of one of these costly cyberattacks so we offered our FREE event in two locations on two days.

Our cybersecurity experts shared: 

  • Tips and practical advice for avoiding ransomware attacks
  • Advice on cybersecurity trends and the latest security news
  • SDN's Cybersecurity Starts with the Basics educational booklet

Download a PDF of the slides.


Presentation: Ransomware Trends & Tools to Protect Your Business 

  • Jake VanDewater, Director of CPE & Managed Services, SDN Communications

Employee Training Book Overview 

  • Nikki Gronli, Marketing Specialist, SDN Communications

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Thanks to FiberComm for partnering with SDN to bring the event to you in Sioux City.



Jake VanDewater

Jake VanDewater
Director of CPE & Managed Services

SDN Communications

Jake has 14 years of experience working in Broadband Service Provider Industry. His background includes FCC regulation and licensing, the deployment and operation of wireless networks throughout the United States and Caribbean, and deployment and operation of the first commercial WiMAX system in the US. Jake has also received his Fortinet Network Security Advanced Solutions certification.  Prior to coming to SDN six months ago, Jake worked for Sioux Valley Energy as the Chief Operating Officer of Wireless.


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