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Whether it's a natural disaster or cyber attack, planning is essential for any businesses to recover from a disaster. That includes recognizing the impact on the business, identifying the critical functions, creating recovery strategies, and then testing your plan.

Gary Duncan is an industry expert who experienced a disaster and provided insight on how a business continuity and disaster recovery plan can save your business from the unknown.

Gary Duncan

During his 15 years as President and CEO of Freeman Health Systems, the organization grew to become the dominant health care provider for the Joplin, MO, region. 

Perhaps the most challenging times came in 2011. Joplin experienced a paralyzing blizzard and then a devastating EF-5 tornado, which left a 13-mile long path of destruction. Overnight, Freeman became the only functioning hospital in Joplin.

After treating more than 1,000 storm victims, Duncan and his team added much-needed inpatient capacity for critical care, trauma, psychiatric, and medical/surgical services.

Duncan shared the numerous lessons learned in and after the May 22, 2011, tornado during an UPTIME University event. You can watch his presentation in the video below.


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