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2019 - January through June

  • The upper midwest is not a safe haven for cyber threats.
  • Specific cyber threats have been active in South Dakota and southern Minnesota. The report highlights trends that might help organizations update their cybersecurity strategy.

2018 Q4 & Year In Review

  • Business and organization networks are under steady attack.
  • How small or midsize businesses should respond if they are the victim of a data breach.

2018 Q3 - July through September

  • Multi-vector DDoS attacks are now the norm and more difficult to mitigate.
  • SDN's devices flagged more than 41 percent of firewall traffic as malicious or spam.

2018 Q2 - April through June

  • DDoS tactics are evolving from volumetric in nature to multi-vector attacks.
  • Q2 DDoS traffic increased by more than 25% over Q2 of 2017.
  • Our Managed Firewalls are identifying and filtering out an increasing amount of malicious emails from reaching businesses.

2018 Q1 - January through March

  • Nearly a third of all firewall traffic was flagged as malicious or spam.
  • Q1 DDoS traffic increased by more than 50% over Q1 of 2017.
  • Hackers are also using multi-vector attacks far more often than any other type.

2017 Q4 + 2017 Overview

  • Cyberattacks keep getting bigger. The largest DDoS attack in the region happened during the fourth quarter.
  • Our Managed Firewalls are filtering out about 1/4 to 1/2 of all traffic as unwanted or malicious.