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Windows 7 Gets Product of the Year

Posted on Friday, January 08, 2010

Blog written by Super

Among the 15 technologies that made the list, Windows 7 was announced "Product of the Year" by CRN Magazine, December 2009 Issue. What ranked it so high? • Windows 7 is a better-performing, more secure, less-annoying and less hardware-intensive Windows. • Installation took only 29 minutes from disc insertion to the desktop loading. • There were no issues with drivers. (Unlike the difficulties with Vista.) • The startup time from a cold boot to the login prompt is 30 seconds. Complete shutdown takes 18 seconds. • "It’s everything that the world wanted in Vista. It’s a great product. It’s the product of the year," says CRN Magazine. Contact SDN Communications today if you have more questions about Windows 7 for your office. 888-245-8080