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Will the Internet be Ready for the Exa-Flood?

Posted on Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog written by Super

Exa-flood? Do we even know how big an Exabyte is? It's the equivalent of 1000 Petabytes---or the same as 1 billion Gigabytes! Since downloading movies online has gotten to be so popular, it's predicted that individual- and business-use of the Internet will 'flood' the current capacity. Should we be worried about not being prepared for this 'flood'? Businesses are already upgrading from OC-48s (Optical Carrier-48) to OC-192s, and eventually to OC-768s! That's 16 times as much bandwidth making it to our homes and businesses. Let's break it down... An OC-48 is 48 STS's worth of bandwidth (Synchronous Transport Signals). Each STS is roughly 45 Megabits (or as much bandwidth as a DS3). An OC-768 would be 768 STS's—and worth 40 Gbps. That's a lot of bandwidth. Here's a video that shows you how online movies and high-bandwidth streaming could flood our current Internet lines: