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What's with the shark?

Posted on Monday, August 18, 2008

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There’s nothing funny about telecommunications. It’s straight forward, serious. Dare I say even a little geeky? It’s a reputation well earned. After all, we all rely on the telecommunications geek factor to keep the work world turning. The phones, our computers, and the Internet demand reliability.


Traditionally, SDN’s advertising has matched that persona. Straight forward. Just the facts. Nothing remotely funny.


That changes this week. You may have seen hints of what was to come – a shark in our front page Argus Leader banner on Monday. The jaws have even made appearances in the Sioux Falls Business Journal. But this week we officially kick off a different – yes, even fun, new campaign. It has a bite to it. An illustrated shark will swim on a television screen near you to help explain what SDN can do for your business. The shark represents office time killers: 

  • Internet that’s too slow

  • Office phone systems that don’t quite work

  • Connectivity among your branch offices that just don’t sync

Those problems kill productivity. SDN is the answer: the shark slayer.


It’s all an illustration, of course, but like any 30-second commercial it's meant to capture attention. We think it will. In the days ahead, I’ll blog more about how we arrived at this campaign, and what went into it behind the scenes.