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What Can SDN's Managed Router Service Offering (MRSO) do for Your Business?

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog written by Super

What is SDN's Managed Router Service Offering? It's an industry-leading WAN management solution for customers with complex networking protocols, exceptionally large networks, or other specialized needs.

Can it be used with other protocols? Yes, MRSO can be used in conjunction with SDN Communications' ATM, Private Line, Frame Relay, Ethernet and MPLS transport services.

What does the MRSO Basic Package offer? MRSO Basic offers WAN design assistance, configuration management, and 24-hour monitoring, support and trouble-shooting of your router equipment.

Are there demos available before I purchase? Yes, SDN can set up a demo anytime.

What are the MRSO Basic deliverables? Equipment (you can use SDN routers or your own equipment), Configuration Management Services (configuration per customer request, nightly backups, and remote configuration restore services), Replacement (replacement devices are shipped the same business day), Network Design and Engineering (an SDN Network Engineer will assist with the initial network design), Equipment Staging and Configuring (On-site installation is available and MRSO Basic includes initial staging and configuration of the provided routers), Out of Band Support (SDN will provide the modem for each location that out-of-band support—or a POTS line—is desired) Lifecycle Management (SDN provides necessary lifecycle services on equipment to maintain the initial network performance requirements) and Base-Level Monitoring and Alerting Services (The customer will be notified based on timeframes selected by user).

What is the advantage of using MRSO Advanced package? MRSO Advanced comes with all the benefits listed above, but also 24x7x365 Real Time Monitoring and Custom Alerting, Web Portal Access and Performance and Management Reports that can be viewed at any time.

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