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SDN Sponsors Sioux Falls Day at the Legislature

Posted on Friday, February 18, 2011

South Dakota’s winter sport is in full session. I’m not talking about snowmobiling, basketball or wrestling – even though there’s some arm twisting involved. South Dakota’s winter sport is politics. The South Dakota Legislature is engaged in the most difficult session in recent history. I, along with about 150 other Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce members, witnessed it firsthand Tuesday at Sioux Falls Day at the Legislature.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard faces a herculean task in fixing the $127 million budget hole. He even said the job hasn’t been much fun. That’s pretty telling considering he’s been in it less than six weeks.

Hard choices need to be made at every level of government. (I know of plenty going on at the local level). The important thing is that elected leaders hear from citizens. To his credit Daugaard is facing many citizen ideas on how to manage the budget fix.

There’s still time to be heard. Communities across the state host Saturday cracker barrel sessions. The Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce gives citizens ample opportunity to be heard. Its next public open house with legislators is 10am, Saturday, February 26th at the downtown Holiday Inn.

Vernon Brown