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SDN Shares Insights with SDSU Students: How to Get a Job

Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog written by Super

Think college kids don’t want to work today? Think again. Marketing Specialist Renee Halgerson and I presented to a standing-room only crowd at South Dakota State University in Brookings Wednesday night. The Economics Club invited us to talk about enhancing resume and interview skills to get a job. We had 130 students show up with majors as diverse as economics and journalism or consumer science and dairy science.

Our presentation lasted 40 minutes. We were prepared to cover more if there weren’t questions. Instead they had to cut questions off after a 20-minute barrage of philosophical and practical questions. They asked: ? How do I compete against seniors staying or coming back into the workplace? ? What’s more important: my experience or my grades? ? How do I handle an interview during a meal? ? How important is an entrepreneurial spirit in today’s job market? I regularly speak to college classes. I will confess I have been disappointed at times by the lack of curiosity, even from future journalists who should be curious by instict. I’m pleased to say this group was the most engaged I’ve ever seen. No sleepers, no texters, no disrespect. They were there to learn. Today’s students clearly understand the tight labor market. They’re curious, ambitious, and anxious to get connected in the work world. That’s exciting. We’ll need their talents as we come out of this recession.

Vernon Brown Marketing Manager SDN Communications